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United States Senate Homepage

Young Republicans Homepage


National Ballet of Cuba

Emerson College Homepage

Virtual Tour of Emerson College



Columbia University

Getting Around New York

Mr. Bellers Neighborhood

National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse

The American Federation of Teachers

Listen to Gothic/Industrial Music

What is Mexican Conjunto Music?


Elsa, Texas

WKCD: Small Towns Big Dreams

Statistics about Elsa

The Handbook of Texas Online: Elsa, Texas

Photos of Elsa, Texas

Llano Grande Center and Edcouch High School

Edcouch-Elsa High School Unofficial Home Page
(For graduates of the school)

Edcouch High School Yellowjacket Cheerleaders in Competition

Llano Grande Center

Where Is the Llano Grande Center?

Picking A College and Making Life Decisions

College Confidential

Guide to U.S. Campus
(from the Fiske Guide to Colleges)

Self-Exam on College
(from the Fiske Guide to Colleges. Answer these questions to determine what sort of college might be right for you.)

For Fun

The Public Eight Ball

Magic Infinity Ball



Links for Educators:

The official site of the United States Department of Education's Office of Migrant Education.

This educational clearinghouse offers online and print versions of publications addressing resources and strategies for assisting in the education of migrant children.

National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education

The nation's largest Migrant Education Program is in California. This site provides information about the 23 regional offices administering services to over 200,000 migrant students.

Provides resources for leadership in the field regarding programs and services that promote academic excellence and equity for the migrant and immigrant students of Texas.

The Tenement Museum: From Ellis Island to Orchard Street
This is an interactive game that takes the player to 1916 and on a journey to America. The experience begins in Europe, where players create a virtual identity and pack belongings for the trip to New York City. Once on the shores of their new country, players experience the inspection at Ellis Island and head to their new neighborhood: the Lower East Side.

Links for Students:

Educational Video Center
The Educational Video Center (EVC) is a not-for-profit media arts center that teaches documentary video production and media analysis to youth, educators, and community organizers. Excellent resource.

Listen Up!
Listen Up! is a gateway to youth made PSAs on a variety of issues from around the country. By creating these messages, youth portray themselves and their peers on their own terms and engage in the researching, writing, production, editing and distribution of their own media. The Listen Up! Network is a vehicle for youth media producers to exchange and critique each other's work. Look for their feature PSAs on diversity and tolerance after 9/11.

Global Action Project
Global Action Project, Inc. is a media arts organization that provides training in video production and new media technologies for youth both locally and internationally. They support work that reflects immigrant and refugee youth perspectives.

Youth Channel
On January 31st 2002, the Youth Channel will start the New Year looking back at the year 2001. The Youth Channel's Youth Programming Committee has planned an event called "Let's not forget...". The event is a reminder of what preceded September 11, such as the Durban Conference of South Africa.

Youth activists will give their perspectives on issues such as the police brutality and racial profiling that antedate the WTC tragedy but have magnified thereafter. The event will be in the format of a panel with Youth Activists working in areas of Environment and Health, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling and Educational reform. The panel will be followed by a discussion. This event will be aired on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network but is available to other public access and community based centers across the US.

Youth Outlook
OYO! Youth Outlook is an award-winning monthly publication by and for young people who have stories to share. Featuring in-depth reporting pieces and first-person essays, comic strips and poetry pages, YO! is the communication outlet for youth who feel their voice and visions need to be seen and heard. YO! is a bridge to the world of youth expression. Excellent site.

Also, check out Berkeley Youth Radio http://www.youthradio.org and Video Machete http://www.videomachete.org because they are regionally responsive and really good groups.