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Each time Liliana and her family travel between states, Liliana must exit one school and enter another mid-semester. She leaves behind friends, favorite teachers and familiar curricula. As a student, Liliana plays a constant game of catch-up as her parents try to keep her family afloat through work as migrant farmworkers.

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How many U.S. citizens migrate each year to find work in the agricultural industry?

2 million
5 million
9 million
13 million

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Elizabeth Luis, Liliana's siter
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The Luis family rent temporary housing at the migrant labor camp in Arvin, California. As the family settles in, they get word of work opportunities in the fields. (2:03 minutes)

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Liliana Luis waits patiently to matriculate back in Arvin, California.
Realplayer format

Liliana is back in Arvin preparing to matriculate mid-semester. She meets another migrant student in the Arvin High School office. (2:17 minutes)

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