Expanded Resources

Citizen Practices Network A non-partisan project committed to bringing practical tools to local communities that foster more civic involvement. The CPN web site offers information on civic revitalization projects in local communities across the US.

California Voter Foundation A non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to using new technologies to increase citizen participation. This site has a thorough guide to California Legislature as well as information on who funds California measures and how initiatives become law.

Democracy Network A very good voter information resource for public affairs in all 50 states, including the political statements of candidates and elected officials, provided via "digitized debates."

Kids Voting USA A non-partisan organization dedicated to teaching young people about the electoral process and civic responsibility in order to sustain democracy for future generations. The web site has on-line activities for students and teachers and links to other Kids Voting USA chapters in their network.

League of Women Voters The League of Women Voters encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and works to increase public understanding of major policy issues.

National Issues Forums A nation-wide network of educational and community groups that encourage non-partisan dialogue about policy issues. The web site offers information about NIF concepts, issues, and materials.

Policy.Com Policy.com is the web's most comprehensive public policy resource and community. This non-partisan organization showcases leading research, opinion and events shaping public policy on dozens of issues, including criminal justice.

Project Vote Smart A national, non-partisan group that tracks and provides independent factual information on over 13,000 candidates and elected officials. Voting records, campaign issue positions, performance evaluations by special interests, campaign contributions, backgrounds, previous experience, and contact information are available.

Public Agenda A non-partisan resource for public opinion and policy analysis on major public policy issues, including crime.

Rock the Vote "Rock the Vote is dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and to helping young people realize and utilize their power to affect change in the civic and political lives of their communities."

Criminal Justice Links

Bureau of Justice Statistics A division of the Department of Justice that publishes statistics about law and crime.

Federal Bureau of Investigation A useful source of information on crime, including historical data and material provided from the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act of 1966.

Juvenile Justice Center A good source of information on juvenile justice policies and programs across the country.

Sentencing Project/Center for an Effective Crime Policy An (independent) source of criminal justice policy analysis. The Sentencing Project web site is designed to provide resources and information for the news media and a public concerned with criminal justice and sentencing issues.

Three Strikes Links

California Criminal Law Observer - The "Three Strikes and You're Out" Law -- The California Criminal Law Observer is an online periodical that contains information on crime and punishment in California. This web site has information about the "Three-Strikes and You're Out" law in California and the provisions covered within it.

National Institute of Justice 1997 Report on "Three Strikes and You're Out: A Review of State Legislation" by The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a component of the Office of Justice Programs (the research agency of the U.S. Department of Justice). This report provides a comparative analysis of "three-strikes" laws and three strikes-type laws in 24 states, including California and Washington states.

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