Pervert Park

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Take Action

  • Partner with your local government, nonprofits and professionals to organize a town hall to discuss registered sex offender management and sexual violence prevention in your neighborhood. Evaluate whether policies currently in place are effective. Make suggestions for improvements and set next steps to work to implement changes.
  • Convene a teach-in about ways to prevent recidivism. Include an examination of local residence restrictions and the impact of those rules on families and crime prevention.
  • Invite leaders and stakeholders to investigate your community's need for the type of housing provided by Florida Justice Transitions. If the group determines that there is a need, formulate a plan to create the necessary number of units.
  • For mental health professionals and social workers working with at-risk individuals, organize a staff training to address barriers to seeking help faced by those who think they might be at risk of committing a sex offense, or already have committed one.
  • Work with schools, faith-based groups and youth centers to prevent sexual abuse by offering education and support services for young people to understand sexual abuse, what to do if they are uncomfortable, endangered or victimized and whom to turn to for support. Bring the conversation to families by partnering with a local organization to host a training for parents, guardians and other adults on how to talk to kids about sexuality, sexual abuse and healthy relationships.
  • Research local service providers and organizations dedicated to mental health and/or reentry, therapy/treatment/rehabilitation, employment, housing and other related issues for youth and/or adults. Find out what kind of services they provide and if they've experienced budget cuts. Make a list of providers/organizations you support and consider volunteering and/or making donations.