Memories of a Penitent Heart

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Take Action

  • Invite specialists in dialogue facilitation from related organizations (e.g., PFLAG) to your church or community group to teach parents and other family members ways to communicate effectively with their LGBTQ children.
  • Convene a study circle to examine the work of clergy and scholars who believe that acceptance of LGBTQ people is central to their religious faith rather than a contradiction of religious doctrine.
  • Host a screening of the film in your community, school or workplace and invite representatives from an organization working with those who are HIV positive to brief you on the status of the AIDS crisis in your community.
  • Conduct oral history interviews with members of your community affected by HIV/AIDS and partner with your local library to create an archive.
  • Is the history of HIV/AIDS being taught in your local public school? Whose story is being told? Whose is being left out?