Only the Young

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Discussion Guide

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Only the Young follows three unconventional Christian teenagers coming of age in a small Southern California town. Skateboarders Garrison and Kevin, and Garrison's on-and- off girlfriend, Skye, wrestle with the eternal questions of youth: friendship, true love and the promise of the future. Yet their lives are also touched by the distress signals of contemporary America — foreclosed homes, abandoned businesses and adults in financial trouble. As graduation approaches, these issues become shocking realities. With sun-drenched visuals, lyrical storytelling and a soul-music soundtrack, Only the Young embodies the innocence and candor of its youthful subjects — and of adolescence itself. The film invites viewers into the teens' day-to-day lives, as they search for identity and meaning, combat boredom, resist conformity, forge deep friendships and experience first love and heartbreak. The result is an engaging portrait that effectively captures the essence of adolescence.

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