Take Action

Create or support a local astronomy club. Invite astronomy faculty from local universities to report on discoveries from the Atacama Desert telescopes and encourage local amateur astronomers to share their hobby with young people in your community.

Host a panel discussion to reflect on what we learn from astronomy and archeology. Include panelists from faith-based perspectives, philosophers who do not incorporate belief in a deity and practicing scientists.

Study the history of the Pinochet regime and its ties to the United States. Use what you learn to provide input to governments, organizations and international courts regarding their approaches to human rights abuse cases.

Pull together a mini film series featuring films and PBS programs (e.g., NOVA, scienceNow, Secrets of the Dead and Cosmos) that examine the work of astronomers, archeologists and historians. Host in-person or online chats that encourage people to compare and contrast how producers and directors approach the subject matter.