Writer And Director
Patricio Guzmán

Renate Sachse

Photography and Camera
Katell Djian

Sound Recording
Freddy González

Original Music
Miranda & Tobar

Assistant to the Director (Production)
Cristóbal Vicente

Assistant to the Director (Pre-production)
Nicolás Lasnibat

Assistant Sound Recording
Rafael Huerta

Patricio Guzmán
Emmanuelle Joly

Editorial Supervisor
Ewa Lenkiewicz

Video Editing, Online, Effects
Éric Salleron

Sound Editing and Mix
Damien Defays
J. Jacques Quinet

Final Mix
Jean-Jacques Quinet

Astronomical Photography
Stéphane Guisard

Additional Images
Patricio Guzmán
David Bravo

Still Photography
Cristóbal Vicente

Artistic Consultant
Renate Sachse

Collaborator, Commentary Text
Sonia Moyersoen

Commentary (Voice)
Patricio Guzmán

Special Thanks to
Michel Cassé: astrophysicist, writer, poet for the title of the film, inspired by his book "Nostalgie de la Lumière : monts et merveilles de l'astrophysique"(Éditions Belfond, 1987)

Rodrigo Vergara
Paula Allen
Fred Wiseman
Cristián Leighton
Nicolas Philibert
Éric Lagesse

Production Manager
Verónica Rosselot

Assisted by
Fernando Osorio
Elba Parra

Marie-France Augin
Andrea Obach
Fay Lady Vega González

Flaco Van And Juan Aguilar

Producer Assisted by
Adrien Oumhani

Meike Martens
Cristóbal Vicente

Commissioning Editor WDR
Jutta Krug

Flowers in the Desert, de © Paula Allen
Beyond, de © Michael Benson
Images of the cosmos, courtesy of ESO y NASA
Images from the North, ©Humberto Ojeda, ©Guillermo Burgos, ©Ricardo Pereira Viale

Archives and Extracts
Hubble, 15 Years of Discovery, de Lars Lindberg Christensen © ESO
Ich bin, ich war, ich werde sein, de Heynowski & Scheumann © Progress
Fosa de Pisagüa, de © Pablo Salas y © Fernando Muñoz

Post-production Facility

Music Recording Studios
Estudios Miranda & Tobar

Sound Editing Facility
Studio 5/5

Mixing Studio
Studio 5/5 y Studio l'Equipe

Telecine And Print
Eclair Laboratoires

BB Com et LTI

Rubini & Associes

Crédit Lyonnais

A Co-production of
Atacama Productions S.A.R.L (France)
Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH and WDR (Germany)
Cronomedia Ltda. (Chile)

With the Participation of
Fonds Sud Cinéma of the Ministère de la Culture et Communication CNC
The Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes de France
Région Île-de-France
Televisión Española TVE
Bourse d'aide à l'écriture Brouillon d'un Rêve SCAM
Sundance Documentary Fund

This program was produced by Atacama Productions which is solely responsible for its content.

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