No More Tears Sister - Rajani and Dayapayla with their infant daughter Narmada.

Rajani and Dayapayla with their infant daughter Narmada.

Director / Writer
Helene Klodawsky

Patricia Tassinari

François Dagenais

In the role of Rajani Thiranagama
Sharika Thiranagama

Sound design
Louis Dupire

Music composed by
Bertrand Chénier

Sound recording
Sylvain Vary

Foley artist
Chris Piggins

Assistant camera
Christian Navennec

Producer -- Development
Yves Bisaillon

Archival researcher
Terri Foxman

Production manager
Jelena Popovic

Production team in Sri Lanka

Associate producer in Sri Lanka
Dharmasena Pathiraja

Assistant director
Elmo Halliday

Art director
Lal Harindranath

Location manager
Lional Wickrama

Production coordinator
Wimal Halangoda

2D computer graphics
Benoit Chagnon
Pierre Landry
Louise Overy

Geoffrey Mitchell

Archival footage
(The filmmakers acknowledge that certain archival footage
has been used illustratively rather than factually.)
F.I.L.M. Archives
Footage Farm
National Film Board of Canada
Royal Mail Film Archive

Sri Lankan Archival Material:
Government Film Unit of Sri Lanka
Reach & Avenues

Stills archives
Martin Adler & Sean Sutton, Panos Pictures
Andrew Chamberlain
Stephen Champion
Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Ottawa
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John Lucas
Osler Library, McGill University
Dominic Sansoni
U.S. National Library of Medicine
Watts & Co.
The letters and writings of Rajani Thiranagama

Special thanks:
Malathi de Alwis
Amnesty International
Sharmini Chelliah
Madeleine Gagnon
The Rajasingam family
The Thiranagama family
University Teachers for Human Rights
And many others who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Pierre Lapointe

Executive producer
Sally Bochner

This program was produced by the National Film Board of Canada, which is solely responsible for its content.

No More Tears Sister

Quebec Centre -- English Program
National Film Board of Canada
©2004 National Film Board of Canada