Directed and Filmed By
Laura Poitras

Produced By
Jocelyn Glatzer and Laura Poitras

Music By
Kadhum Al Sahir

Edited By
Erez Laufer and Laura Poitras

Aliza Kaplan

Associate Producer
Rosie Bsheer

Dr. Riyadh and Family

Also Featuring
Carlos Valenzuela
Peter Towndrow
Edward Wong
Kristopher Scarcliff, Capt

With Appearances By
Roy Therrien, Maj
Caroline Hawley
Andre Remmers
Scott Farren-Price
Renato Gonclaves
Edward Robertson
Aaron Castle
Badran Bashqali
Luqman Rahman
Kurdish Peshmerga
Barry Omer
Salem Karim Khan
Wayne Teegarden, Sgt
Captain Kim
Adil Al-Lami
David Piper
Joseph Johnson
Polling Center Staff, Sulaimaniya

Election Day Camera Operators
Dr. Riyadh and Family
Laura Poitras

Polling Center
Jesus Roldan

Army Civil Affairs Team
Mark O'Neill

Aerial Footage Of Voters
Dennis Martin

New York Office and Post-production

Research and Production Assistance
Amanda Margulies
Sarah Tofte
Suzie Tofte

Linguistic Consultant
Ahmed Ferhadi, Ph.D.

Rosie Bsheer
Omar Al Dewachi
Hind H.
Dirar Hakeem
Yasmine Hannaney
Azad Karim
Muna K.
L. Mohamed
Fadi Sakr
A. Stevens
May Yaacoub

Assistant Editors
James Monohan
Stefanie Dworkin

Technical Advisors
Josh Braslow
James Monohan

Audio Post-Production
Magno Sound and Video

Sound Mixer
Paul Michael

Sound Designer
Rob Daly

Online Editor
David Gauff

Film Title Designer
Christian Bruun
Chris Laskey

Picture Post-Production/HD
Post Works

Tim Hedden

Archive Footage Courtesy Of
BBC Worldwide
Associated Press Television News
Al Arabiya

Many Thanks
Herbert L. Altshuler
George Angle
Rose Arce
Rachel Ash-Bernal

Tina Beller
Barbara Bickart
Joe Bini
Heather Block
Michael Browne
Linda Goode Bryant Charles Callahan
Robert Callahan
Kathleen Canham Ross
Bestor Cram

Charles H. Davidson
Tom Giebel
Bruce Gillette
Lauren Glatzer
Ira Glass
Margaret Harrington
Steven J. Hashem
Danny Hassig
Liz Heeden

Bridget Hughes
Shannon Kelley
Guy Lavie
Selina Lewis
James Longley
May Mantell
Rebecca Marshal
David Menschel
Thomas Mowle

Andrew Natsios
Alice O'Neill
Jonathan Oppenheim
Adriana Pacheco
Jenny Perlin
Pat and Jim Poitras
Eyal Press
Anna Proulx
Richard Schmierer

Victoria Sjostrom
Jeff Spagat
Martin Spagat
Lance Varney, Maj
Jennifer Washburn
Melodie Winawer
Jim Xinos

Deepest Thanks
George Packer
Kadhum Al Sahir
Hussein Hindawi
Adil Al-Lami
Nzar Asmail
Kendall Cox
Guy Donahaye and Ays

Suzanne Iasenza
Jennifer Poitras
Diane Weyermann
Douglas Whitehead

"Oh My Country"
Composed and performed by Kadhum Al Sahir
Violin: Kais Salman
Courtesy of the artist

"Wallah Dounia"
Composed and performed by Kadhum Al Sahir
Courtesy of the artist

Mustafa Adil 1988-2006

Dr. Riyadh's nephew
Assassinated January 12th, 2006

Skylink Helicopter Crew, Election Transportation
Shot down and killed March 21, 2005

This film was developed with assistance and a grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Program
Additional Funding Provided By
Robert And Joyce Menschel Family Foundation
The Wellspring Foundation
The Appleman Foundation

My Country, My Country is a co-production of
Praxis Films and the Independent Television Service (ITVS)

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Major funding for this program was provided by the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

Produced in association with
POV | American Documentary

Executive Producer for POV
Cara Mertes

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