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Take Action

  • Generate a compendium of support services that exist in your community for pregnant women and young mothers. Convene a group to work on improving the connections between the services available and those who need them.
  • Use a screening of the film to spark a conversation with young fathers about their roles and ways to connect with their children and partners.
  • Work with local family planning organizations or agencies to set up an informational table at community events or in public venues like malls, parks, barber shops, bus stations and the like. Distribute education materials on types of family planning methods and how they can be obtained.
  • Hold a debate on a public policy issue related to the decision to have a child. Topics might include sex education, WIC food subsidies, CHIP health insurance, abortion, breastfeeding recommendations, funding of prenatal care, birthing centers, the role of midwives, economic impacts, subsidized child care and so on.