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Film Update

In October 2017, POV asked Motherland filmmaker Ramona Diaz what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling.

Are you still in touch with Lerma, Lea, or any of the other mothers featured in the film? How are their babies doing?
I was in Manila in December of 2016 and we searched for all three women knowing that we were going to be premiering at Sundance. We found Lea who is still living with her sister but, unfortunately, we were unable to locate Aira and Lerma. They move constantly and their mobile phones were no longer operational. We haven't given up. Thankfully, Lea's twins have survived. I am also in touch with the nurses and caregivers of the hospital and they are looking forward to watching the film.

How has the film been received in the Philippines?
The film has not been screened in the Philippines yet, as we are still determining our best options for the film. Hopefully this will happen before the year ends. There is also a plan to take the film to schools and communities nationwide. So, stay tuned for that!

What do you hope American audiences will take away from the film?
As a visual storyteller, I do not design films to deliver information or motivate people to take action, although I know that my past films have succeeded in doing both. Instead, I aim to make cinematic experiences that put you in someone else's skin because that's my job as a filmmaker. My hope is to give the American audience an experience they would otherwise not have. Whatever they take away from it - whatever message they glean - is personal and individual.

What are you working on now?
I have started working on a new film. Actually, the very first shoot of the film is two days after Motherland's premiere on POV. I find that kinda perfect. However, I can't really talk about my next film as of yet as there's a media blackout on it because of the film's sensitive content. In time, all will be revealed!