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Cleanup workers at the Metales y Derivados site, where discarded batteries collected in open heaps.

Cleanup workers at the Metales y Derivados site, where discarded batteries collected in open heaps.

Produced and Directed by
Vicky Funari
Sergio De La Torre

Vicky Funari

Executive Producer
Vivian Kleiman

Darcy McKinnon
Annelise Wunderlich

Outreach Coordinator
Jesikah Maria Ross

Advisory Organizations
Chilpancingo Collective for Environmental Justice
Women's Rights Advocates
Grupo Factor X
Environmental Health Coalition
Global Exchange

Associate Producers
Sasha Khokha
Avi Peterson

Coordinating Promotoras
Diana Arias
Lupita Castañeda
Tere Loyola
Lety Meza

Collaborating Promotoras
Eva Bailón
Lucia Blanco
Carmen Durán
Naty Guizar
Lourdes Luján
Vianey Mijangos
Yesenia Palomares
Adela Rivera
Delfina Rodríguez
Francis Rodríguez
Rocio Salas
Blanca Sánchez
Coty Valdéz

16mm Cinematography
Daniel Gorrell
Sophia Constantinou

Helicopter Pilot
Ivor Shier

Aerial Photographer
Martin Zimmerman

Assistant Camera/Grip
Bill Basquin
Andrew Eckmann
Daniel Rico

Production Coordinator
Sergio Brown
Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer
Philip Perkins, C.A.S.

On-line Editors
Video Arts, San Francisco

Visual Effects
Phoenix Edit-Effects-Design

Editing Consultant
Heidi Plumb

Assistant Editor
María Langhi

Still Photography
David Maung

Production Services
Complex Corporation

Production Funding by
Creative Capital Foundation
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Creative Work Fund
US-Mexico Fund for Culture
National Endowment for the Arts

Sundance Institute Documentary Fund
New World Foundation
Potrero Nuevo Fund
LEF Foundation
Threshold Foundation
Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund
California Arts Council
Tides Foundation, advised by Avi Peterson
Grousbeck Family Foundation

Paul Rauschelbach
Twana Sparks
Julia Wallace
Hilair Chism
Richard Sutter Kueny

Fiscal Sponsor
Film Arts Foundation

Robin Alexander
Garrett Brown
Mariana Bustamante
Rosa Linda Fregoso
Norma Iglesias Prieto

Legal Services
ReedSmith, LLP

Apprentice Editors
Mateo Reyes
Jason Lohse
Claude Lavallee

Production Assistants
Octavio Castellanos
Juan Angel Cota
Ingrid Hernández
Itzel Martínez
Jorge Nava
Bill Parker
Daniel Rojo
Giancarlo Ruiz

Original Score
Pauline Oliveros
Bostich and Fussible
Nortec Collective and John Blue

Additional Performers
Lisa Barnard

"The Anvil Chorus"
written by David Lang
performed by Steven Schick
published by G. Schirmer, Inc.

written by Michael Gordon
performed by Maya Beiser
published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
From the CD Bang on a Can Classics
Available on Canteloupe Music CA 21010

Written by Ramon Amezcua
Published by Rykomusic, Inc. (ASCAP)
All rights outside North and South America controlled
and administered by Rykomusic., Ltd. (PRS)
Courtesy of Palm Pictures, LLC

written and performed by Noel Murphy and Tom Hill
Used by permission of EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
Courtesy of Wichita Records

Thanks to
Tere Albaiti and family
Beatriz Alfaro

Tito Alegría
Sharon Bliss
Casa de la Cultura, Tijuana
Raul Cárdenas
Carmela Castrejón
Diana Cohn
Ana Enríquez
Paul Fogel
Joe Franko

Armando García Orzo
Ulíses Hernández
Lawyers Club of San Diego
Dr. Wenceslao Martínez
Enrique Mier y Terán
Reyna Montero
Betty Carr Muse
John Muse
Jorge "'el Negro" Hipólito

Panta Rhea Foundation
Gail Silva
Gary and Rosario Ulinskas
Moriah Ulinskas
Carmen Valadez
Hector Villanueva
Hector Vindiola
Jackie Warfield and family
Gary Weimberg

Dedicated to Our Mothers
Barbara Jane Burriss Funari
María Esther De La Torre
Betty Carr Muse
Rosario Ulinskas

Dedicada a Nuestras Madres
Angela Rodríguez
Maria Estela Ponce
Socorro Guizar Argote
Marichuy Gonzales
Socorro Rodríguez
Juana Castañeda
Tere Loyola

Maria Luisa Martínez Argote
Gildarda Díaz
Carmen Arteaga
Guadalupe Aguirre
Carmen Gaviño

Associate Director of Production for ITVS
Richard O'Connell

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer for POV | American Documentary, Inc.
Cara Mertes

Maquilapolis was produced by Vicky Funari and Sergio De La Torre in association with the Independent Television Service, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This program was produced by Vicky Funari and Sergio De La Torre, who are solely responsible for its content.

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