Made in L.A.

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Take Action

Host a screening of Made in L.A. and borrow the film through POV's free lending library. For help organizing your event, download the Made in L.A. event planning toolkit.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about your thoughts on issues of low wage work and immigrants' rights — using Made in L.A. as a reference point.

Do something special for the workers who make your day possible — the bus driver, your mail carrier, the custodian at work, your garbage collector, etc.

Volunteer at a local organization that advocates for low wage workers' rights and fair labor practices — check out POV's books and links page to find national networks that can help you identify groups in your community.

Research your state's labor laws and consider how those laws directly affect you.

Visit the website of the U.S. Department of Labor to learn more about minimum wage rates and other labor laws in your state.

Cornell Law School's website host an extensive list of links to labor and employment laws for all fifty states.

For more ways to get involved, visit the filmmakers' website for Made in L.A.! Watch videos about immigration, being a more conscientious consumer and how to make local connections around the outreach campaign of the film.