Love & Diane

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Love & Diane: Film Update

Diane HazzardAt the end of filming, in the fall of 2002, Diane was starting an internship with the company that ran her work readiness training program. Three years later she is still working for them and has been promoted three times. She has been taking GED classes in the evening and hopes to take the test soon and go on to pursue an associate degree.

In the last year, Diane has traveled extensively with Love & Diane—even flying to Paris—and has spoken at many screenings. She has presented the film to organizations from Harlem Legal Services to groups of women in recovery. (Read an interview with Diane and her answers to questions submitted by viewers.)

Love & Diane - update - Love and CourtneyLove has also participated in the outreach for the film. She and Courtney remain together. Donyaeh attends a local charter school and is in 1st grade.

TamekaTameka lives in Virginia with her daughter, Destini.

TreniseTrenise also has a daughter, Trelani, and works as an insurance adjuster.

MoreanMorean works as a cosmetician in Atlanta.

WillieWillie was incarcerated for six months but since his release he has joined a youth theater group as a writer and actor.