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Song Selections

  1. "Darling Corey"
    Performed by Alan Lomax
    Previously Unreleased
  2. "Wonder What's the Matter"
    Performed by Lightnin' Washington & Group
    Alan Lomax Collection (Rounder 1826)
  3. "Jim and John"
    Performed by Ed Young and Others
    Southern Highway Volume 3, (Rounder 1703)
  4. "The Cuckoo"
    Performed by Jean Ritchie
    Previously Unreleased
  5. "Thug M Gaol Dhuit"
    Performed by Calum Johnson
    World Library Scotland, (Rounder 1743)
  6. "Tartantella"
    Performed by Michelle Borgese and Guiseppe Velardo
    Italian Series: Calabria, (Rounder 1803)
  7. "La Partenza"
    Performed by Longshoremen of Genoa
    Lomax Collection Sampler, (Rounder 1700)

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