The Music of Jason Crigler

Life. Support. Music.: CD Cover - The Music of Jason Crigler

From The Music of Jason Crigler by Jason Crigler

1. "The Books on the Shelf"
2. "Through Tomorrow"

I worked on this album, released in late 2008, for nine years. It is a collection of 13 of my songs, all sung by various artists. Marshall Crenshaw, Teddy Thompson, Amy Correia, Holly Palmer and others all lent their voices to this project. I sing one song on this album, although I produced the whole record and was actively involved in choosing the singers. This album contains "The Books on the Shelf" and "Through Tomorrow," both of which are featured prominently in Life.Support.Music. "The Books on the Shelf" was the first song I wrote when I returned home after a year as an inpatient in various hospitals.

Review from All About Jazz
"Crigler's songwriting is a combination of light and dark (musically and lyrically), layered guitars, thoughtful pop orchestrations and detailed arranging instincts. His writing is the focus of the project, but the CD has an ensemble cast feeling more than that of a single star. This is by design. Every song (save one) features a different vocalist, and there are very limited jam sections. This makes for a pleasingly terse, yet varied, recording." Read full review »

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Life. Support. Music.: CD Cover - Lackawanna

From Whenever the Blues Become My Only Song by Lackawanna

3. "Bahmbo"
4. "Pretty Little Thing"

This is the debut release from Lackawanna, an instrumental soul-rock jam band that I started with guitarist Adam Levy (who has performed with Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Sex Mob, Amos Lee and others). The other members of the band are Dan Rieser (drums) and Jonathan Maron (bass). Recorded live in 2007, this album captures the energy and spontaneity of an inventive live band.

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Life. Support. Music.: CD Cover - Down Like Hail

From Down Like Hail by the Jason Crigler Band

5. "Bush and the Tree Song"
6. "She Waits for an Answer"

Down Like Hail was recorded in 2004, right before my injury, and released in 2007, by The Firm Records. This is me with my trio -- I sing and play electric guitar, and I'm accompanied by bass and drums. It has a very live, exciting sound to it. I was playing all the time with these guys back then. This is the record for people who just want to hear me singing my songs, with a lot of wild guitar moments thrown in.

To me, it's an album about the blues. There aren't any actual blues songs on it, but the approach to the album and the influences come out of my love for blues and old soul music. It was all recorded live -- no overdubs.

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