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In 2004, Jason Crigler, an established guitarist living and working in New York City, suffered a brain hemorrhage during a concert in Manhattan. The doctors' prognosis was dire: If he survives, he'll be a vegetable. Jason's pregnant wife and the rest of his family refused to accept that prognosis. Wary of clinging to false hope, they made a commitment: They would do whatever it took to help Jason make a full recovery. Life. Support. Music., a feature length (79-minute) film, documents just what that commitment would mean. In training footage shot by the hospital staff, home videos and interviews, we watch as Jason gradually breaks through his vegetative state. Jason was fortunate to have family members who were physically, emotionally and financially able to devote considerable daily time and energy to the healing process, but not all patients are so lucky. As an outreach tool, Life. Support. Music. leads viewers to think about our medical system and how we can build better support systems for patients and families.

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