Last Train Home

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Learn More About Trade with China

In Last Train Home, the Zhangs leave their rural home to work in factories, hoping to provide a better life for their children. Discover ways to discuss trade with China, labor practices and the importance of education with others in your communities.

Convene a study group to look at U.S. trade policy with China. Identify the government bodies that craft and negotiate that policy. Culminate your efforts by imagining that you are crafting a trade agreement between the United States and China (or another economically developing nation). What protections would you want to see included for factory workers like those you saw in the film? Share your answers with your federal legislators and other federal officials involved in trade negotiations.

Host a screening of Last Train Home as part of a community initiative to improve high school graduation rates. As part of the event, organize a speak-out where parents and teens can share their visions for the future and discuss the role that education plays in those visions.