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Thank you to the participants:
Changhua Zhang
Suqin Chen
Qin Zhang
Yang Zhang
Tingsui Tang

Directed by
Lixin Fan

Mary Stephens
Lixin Fan

Director of Photography
Lixin Fan

Shaoguang Sun

Music by
Olivier Alary

Produced by
Mila Aung-Thwin
Daniel Cross

Executive Producer
Zhao Qi

Bob Moore

Production Supervisor
Michael MK Siu

Camera Assistant
Xingbao Fu

Sound Recordist
Liming Fan

Production Coordinator
Yi Han

Production Assistant
Xingbao Fu
Xiaoyu Niu

Story Editor
Daniel Cross

Editing Consultant
Yung Chang
Peter Wintonic

Additional Picture Editor
Hannele Halm

Assistant Editors
Yi Han
Xi Feng

On-line Editor
Michael MK Siu

Francis Hanneman
Eric Gaudry

Post-Production Supervisor
Michael MK Siu

Post-Production Assistant
Edmund Duff

Supervising Sound Editor
Cory Rizos

Sound Editor
Cory Rizos

Dialogue Editor
Kyle Stanfield

Re-recording Mixer
Cory Rizos
Gavin Fernandes

Sound Mix Assistant
Isabelle Lussier

Foley Artist
Jacques Alexandre Levesque
Paul Hubert

Foley Recordist
Nicolas Dallaire
Eric Lagac

ADR and Narration Recordist
Kyle Stanfield

Music Recording Engineer
Tim Gowdy

Music Recording Studio
Chromatic Audio Montreal

Project Administrator
Anuj Khosla

Marketing Supervisor
Halima Ouardiri

Cultural Consultant
Lilian Liu

Translation Supervisor
Man Xie
Xue Huang

Jin Wang
Xue Huang
Naomi Miao
Wenwen Han
Wanyan Sun
Jifan Yang
Wenlong Ding

Jin Wang
Liming Fan
Xin Yang

Liming Fan

Still Photographers
Weishan Tan
Lixin Fan
Liming Fan

Production Accountant
Anuj Khosla

Additional Music
"Xiaotu Guaiguai"
Lyrics by Hua Zebing
Performed by Zheng Lijun
Recorded by Zheng Lijun

"Xia Si Chuan"
Song arranged by Zhonglu Zhu
Performed by Guizhou Li

Special thanks to
Chengdu Railway Bureau, Chongqing Branch
China Central News Archival Studio
Guangzhou Railway Bureau
Guang'An Municipal Government
Hongyan Liu
Xuehai Wang
Xintang Municipal Government

Executive in charge of production, Super Channel
Justin Rebelo

Executive in charge of production, TV5
Nathalie D'Souza

Executive in charge of production, Channel 4
Tabitha Jackson

Executive Producer, ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

VP Programming, ITVS
Claire Aguilar

Program Manager, ITVS
Cynthia Kane

Coordinating Producer, ITVS
Christi Collier

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Ford Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Production support provided by
Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds through the Theatrical Documentary Program
Société de développement des entreprises culturelles- Québec
QUEBEC - Crédit d'impot cinema et télévision - Gestion SODEC
The Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit
Jan Vrijman Fund

Funding provided by
Sundance Documentary Film Program
Canwest-Hot Docs Completion Fund

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