Last Men in Aleppo

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Last Men in Aleppo

Original Online Content on POV

To enhance the broadcast, POV has produced an interactive website to enable viewers to explore the film in greater depth. The Last Men in Aleppo website -- -- offers a streaming video trailer for the film; an interview with the filmmaker; a list of related websites, articles and books; a downloadable discussion guide; and special features.

Aleppo Media Center (AMC)
A good source for recent events, AMC gathers stories from non-government affiliated reporters across Syria and was involved in the production of the film. The group's Facebook page is in English, but its official site ( is in Arabic. You can use Google translate for a rough translation.

Ethical Charter for Syrian Media Alliance
This website includes links to independent Syrian media outlets that are signatories to the charter.

Hitting Rock Bottom: How 2016 Became the Worst Year For Syria's Children
This U.N. report covers the humanitarian impact of the Syrian war.

Syrian Civil Defense Association
The official website of the White Helmets includes history, mission statement and principles, news reports and tweets.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
The website of a Britain-based collective of pro-democracy people inside and outside Syria aggregates news stories and reports on human rights in Syria.

U.S. Department of State: "U.S. Relations with Syria"
This website summarizes the history and current status of U.S.-Syria relations. See the department's Syria page for press releases on current events: