Interviews: Texas Politics: The Myth vs. the Reality


Karl RoveKarl Rove, Senior Advisor to the President
"The Democrats did have a clear strategy in 2002 in Texas. But I thought from the outset it was flawed. And it basically said process will trump policy." | Read more »


Ann RichardsAnn Richards, Former Governor of Texas (1991-1995)
"Well, it's an interesting thing this question of party identification and the shift that a state takes from having been all Democratic to all Republican. The reality is that the Republicans were always here in Texas. They were in the Democratic Party. " | Read more »


Paul BegalaPaul Begala, Co-host of Crossfire
"And one moment, it was the moment when Lyndon Johnson, a Texan, switched his party in Texas from being a party of racism to being the party of civil rights. And it was the right thing to do historically, but it has killed his party politically." | Read more »


Molly IvinsMolly Ivins, Writer and Columnist
"What would happen if everybody in Texas voted? What would it look like? And according to the demographers at A&M, this state becomes, I hate this phrase, majority-minority in 2008. If you add together all the blacks and browns, there'll be more of them than there'll be Anglos in Texas." | Read more »


Wayne SlaterWayne Slater, Political Journalist
"The real intrigue about this race is that either side can win. This is a Republican state, but this is an enormously attractive ticket. This is a ticket that could appeal to a diverse group of loyal Democratic voters, so the Democrats could win." | Read more »