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Explore an interactive map of public art
Interactive Map: The United States of Art
Over the past 40 years, public art in America has evolved from staid monuments to a myriad of styles. America's cities and towns have become galleries in their own right. View examples of public art from around the country or put art from your town on the map

Watch an interview with the filmmakers
Watch Video
Filmmakers John J. Valadez and Cristina Ibarra talk about The Last Conquistador.

Download the film discussion guide
Discussion Guide
Hosting a POV Film Club at your house? The POV discussion guide contains background information, starter questions and a list of related resources for talking about The Last Conquistador. Teachers and facilitators might want to download the facilitators guide when viewing the film with their students or with a group.

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Comment on this film
After completion of the statue, everyone in El Paso was forced to come to terms with a landmark that is viewed by some as a monument to culture and others as a glorification of genocide. What is your perspective on the statue? What perspectives does it celebrate and what does it leave out? What does this story tell us about ourselves as a nation? Join other The Last Conquistador viewers to discuss the film.