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Learn more about group harmony in Japanese baseball.
The Concept of Wa
Find out more about the Japanese concept of wa (group harmony), Ichiro Suzuki's amazing legacy in Japan and the importance of cheering in Japanese baseball games from author Robert Whiting.

Hear about Japanese baseball from Bobby Valentine.
Interview: Bobby Valentine
The former manager of the New York Mets led his team to the World Series in 2000. Now he manages the Chiba Lotte Marines, who won the Japan Series under his tutelage. Valentine explains what's different between American and Japanese baseball and talks about the international competition he'd really like to see.

Find out more from players, historians and experts.
"Koshien: More About Japanese Baseball"
What's it like to play in Koshien stadium? Why do all the players cry whether they win or lose? Watch video interviews with Hideki Matsui, Robert Whiting and other baseball experts to find out more about Koshien and high school baseball in Japan.

Discuss online with other viewers.
Kokoyakyu discussion board
Do you think baseball can also teach kids about life? What surprised you about Japanese baseball? What did you think of the cheering squads? Join other "Kokoyakyu" viewers on POV's discussion board.