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During every POV broadcast, we let viewers know they can find out more about certain topics on the POV website by running text alerts across the bottom of the TV screen. Some of the alerts describe features on the POV website and others are about resources we've linked to elsewhere online. In order to make it easier for you to find the features and links related to these topics, we've put together this new resource page listing all the alerts in one place.

Learn more about the rise of Augusto Pinochet
Human Rights in Chile
Learn more about Pinochet's legacy of dictatorship in Chile and how Judge Juan Guzmán, who had supported Pinochet as a conservative young law clerk, undertook an investigation of more than 1,000 cases in search of the truth behind the "disappeared."

Watch an interview with the filmmakers
Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco
"When the coup happened in 1973, people that I had known were killed. Ever since then, what has been going on in Chile has been a matter of tremendous concern in my life." Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco talk about their motivations, intentions and experiences making The Judge and the General.

Download the film discussion guide
Discussion Guide
POV offers discussion guides for all of our films. Please download this guide and use it to assist your group in discussion after viewing The Judge and the General.

Learn more about human rights activism under dictatorships
The "Good German"
Why are some people spurred to act in the face of government-sponsored injustice while others stand by and do nothing? We explore the phenomenon of the "Good German" with journalists, human rights experts and historians.

Share your point of view
Discuss The Judge and the General
What do you think of Judge Guzmán, his support of Pinochet when he was a young man and his change of mind? Why do millions of people stand by and allow injustice to happen? Have you ever been in a situation where you kept quiet instead of standing up for what's right? What can we do to encourage citizens to fight against injustice? Join other The Judge and the General viewers on the POV Blog.