Filmmaker Bios

Elizabeth FarnsworthElizabeth Farnsworth was chief correspondent and principal substitute anchor on PBS's The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer from 1995-2000. She then became a senior correspondent, reporting mostly from overseas. She now freelances for The NewsHour and makes documentaries. In the past four years, she has reported from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Chile, Haiti and Vietnam. Her 2001 four-part NewsHour series on the AIDS crisis in Botswana and Malawi (produced by Joanne Elgart) received the 2001 Silver World Medal from the New York Festivals and a national Emmy nomination. Her documentary Thanh's War (co-directed with John Knoop), which aired on PBS in 1991, garnered a CINE Golden Eagle, among other awards, and The Gospel and Guatemala (co-produced with Stephen Talbot), which aired on PBS in 1983, received a San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award.

Farnsworth's writings have appeared in Foreign Policy, World Policy Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation, Mother Jones and other publications. She has lived in Peru and Chile and has a master's degree in Latin American History from Stanford University. Farnsworth was assistant producer of Que Hacer?, a feature film set during the Chilean election campaign of 1970, and has followed Chile closely ever since. She lives in San Francisco.

Patricio LanfrancoPatricio Lanfranco, a Chilean citizen living in Santiago, has been a researcher and producer for two decades. As senior producer of the news department of Chilean National TV (TVN), he produced the live television coverage of the 1995 trial of Manuel Contreras, former chief of Pinochet's secret police, for the 1976 Washington, D.C. murder of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean Ambassador to the United States. Because of the broadcast, Chileans were able for the first time to watch attorneys present evidence in an official setting of human rights crimes committed by the secret police. Later Lanfranco created his own independent company. He has produced reports for the BBC and assisted in the production of many stories for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. He has also coordinated and produced for the Australian Broadcasting Company's flagship Foreign Correspondent program. In 2003, he won the Chilean National Television Council Award.