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Film Update

In July 2016, Iris producer Rebekah Maysles updated POV on what's happened since the camera stopped rolling.

What has Iris been up to since the end of the film?
Iris has been working like crazy since the end of the film. She is continuously working as a model for many different commercials. From fashion to high end liquors! She just finished a campaign for the US launch of the label &Other Stories. In addition, she has also continued her relationship with Home Shopping Network-designing goods for them and then doing live shows! She is really busy all the time-pretty amazing.

How has the film been received internationally?
The film had a great response abroad. We were surprised how international she was. We showed the film in Estonia and it was a full house, packed with fans pretty amazing. But it was received well internationally. Iris traveled with the film to the UK and had an amazing time with full audiences. It also had an amazing run in Japan!

Can you share some of the more surprising responses you've seen to the documentary?
I was surprised about how many people knew about Iris. I also think one of the surprising things was to realize how she was really someone that people could relate to and were inspired to push themselves and to become more daring with the way they dressed to pursuing true passions in their own lives that they had pushed aside. It was great to notice how people could find a part of her in themselves or sometimes in family members. I was also impressed by how inspirational her sense of style was to people. Often we would show the films in festivals and people would dress up for the screenings inspired by her or run home after the film and get some fun things to add to their outfits for celebrations after.

In what ways do you hope the film adds to the conversation regarding artistry in the fashion industry?
One of the things that drew Director Albert Maysles to Iris was her work ethic and independent sense of style. I think that Iris is proof there is still real style out there. She flaunts her individuality, vibrance and sense of independence and its beautiful to watch. It was important for us to show the Iris that we met — a woman who is creative, flexible but also very clear about what she wanted and how she liked to work. I think drive is vital when you are working in the fashion world.

What are some of your favorite Maysles films to recommend to audiences?
Maysles films has an amazing history of films! So here are three films that are all different but also about drive: Salesman is about a door-to-door Bible Salesman in America, Running Fenceis about artist duo Jean Claude and Christo and a public art piece that they made in the United States, and finally Grey Gardens is about a mother and daughter relationship - two eccentric women living together in the Hamptons.