Leslie Simmer

Beth Iams

Producer, Executive Producer
Gordon Quinn

Written, Produced, and Directed By:
Joanna Rudnick

Dedicated To The Memory Of Linda Pedraza (1960 - 2006)

Original Music
Erin O'Hara

Original Animation
Samantha Olschan

Title Design
Dizzy Giant

Dana Kupper
Gordon Quinn
Ines Sommer
Cynthia Wade

Additional Camera
Neil Barrett
Beth Iams
Joanna Rudnick

Sound Recordist
Zak Piper

Additional Sound Recordists
Judy Karp
Paul Rusnak
Mary Wong

Production Associate
Justine Nagan

Post Production Technical Supervisor
Jim Morrissette

Assistant Editor
Liz Kaar

Audio Post Facility
Dig It Audio, Inc.

Color Correction
Nolo Digital Film, LLC

AnswersMedia Inc.

Narration Recording
Experimental Sound Studio

Editorial Consultants
Steve James
David Simpson

Yvonne Afable

Joyce Schmitt
Beckie Stocchetti

Legal Services
Peter Jaszi
Robert Labate
Holland & Knight, LLP

Equipment Rental
Kartemquin Films
Chicago HD

Kartemquin Interns / Production Assistants
Mary Adekoya
Dorian Anderson
Michael Carney
Michael Chandler
Leah Daly
Shana East
Tobiah Gaster
Sari Gelzer
Ryan Gilbert
Bryce Goodman
Elliot Greenberger
Susan Hanrahan
Kirsten Johnson
Amadi Jordan Walker
Brendan Kirwin
Jessica Knowles
Danielle Krudy
Matt Lauterbach
Ahnna Lee
Todd Lillethun
Charle Luckett
Meghan McGillan
Fouzia Najar
Nick Nummerdor
Kevin O'Dowd
Neal Patel
Jackie K. Robinson
Dinesh Sabu
Tom Salek
Brian Schodorf
Katie Schulz
Rich Simpson
Chad Smith
Ivana Stolkiner
Sarah Wagley
Aziza Ngozi Walker
Katherine Weber
Matt Wittmer
Ellen Wohlberg

Archival Images Courtesy of
NBC News Archives
Sandro Film
WGBH Media Library and Archives

"Action / Adventure"
© 2005 Andrew Bird
under exclusive license to Righteous Babe Records

Written by Erin O'Hara & Gary Pozner
Performed by Erin O'Hara & Tom Gavin

Written by Erin O'Hara
Performed by Erin O'Hara & Tom Gavin

"Last Chance to Prove Yourself"
Written and Performed by Nicole Pedraza

"Slippin Away"
Written by Clem Clempson
Published by KPM APM (ASCAP)

"You Sexy Thing"
Written by Errol Brown
Performed by Hot Chocolate
Published by Finchley Music Corporation (ASCAP)
Courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.
Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

Special Thanks
The Rudnick Family
The Pedraza / Varvaro Family
The Liddell-Haley Family
The Villegas / Flores Family
The Hanke Family
The Davis / Garner Family
The Karabin Family

Darcy Addison
Funmi Apantaku-Onayemi
Andrew Ashikari MD
Barbara Biesecker, CGC
Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL)
Jerry Blumenthal
JC Braithwaite
LaDonna Brody
Julie Burnett
Nancy Callanan, CGC
Arthur Caplan, PhD
Katy Chevigny
Kimberly Clark
Rori Clark
Sandy Cohen
James C. Coyne, PhD
Greg Critchfield MD
Amanda Davis
Mary Dombrowski
Adrienne Faines-White
David Fishman, MD
Sue Friedman
Pamela Ganschow MD
Judy Garber MD, MPH
Jennie Gambach
Beverly Gavin
Peter Gilbert
Sherry Gimbel
Stuart Gimbel
Prudence Glass
Ziva Green Kredow
JJ Hanley
Christie Hefner
Kristin Huml
Sue Imrem
Jeffrey Kahn, PhD
Mary-Claire King PhD
Julie Lindner, MS, CGC
Karen Litwack
Susan Love MD
Anne Makepeace
Jessica Mandell, CGC
Robin Mitchell
Steven Narod, MD
Ariela Noy, MD
Funmi Olopade, MD
Jodi Paik
Brooke & Chad Perlyn
Brian Petersen
Marcia Petersen
Shaletta Profit
Nancy Prouser, MS
Jessica Ray, CGC
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Charité Ricker, MS, CGC
Shauna Riley
Jennifer Rosenkranz
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C. Andrew Salzberg MD
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Ellen Schneider
Lee Shulman MD
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Rita and Arthur Sussman
Rebecca Sutphen MD
Nancy Talbot
Dimitra Tasiouras
Sharon Terry
Jeffrey Weitzel, MD
Melody White Perpich, CGC
Aaron Wickenden
Cathy Wicklund, CGC
Cleo Wilson
Annelise Wunderlich

Advocate Trinity Hospital
Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders
Arizona Cancer Center
Coalition for Genetic Fairness
Cancer Risk Clinic of the
University of Chicago Hospitals
Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE)
Genetic Alliance
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King Lab at the University of Washington
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and Prevention Program (NOCEDP)
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And Others.
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Sally Jo Fifer

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