Hooligan Sparrow

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In Association With
AC Films
Diamond Docs

Executive Producers
Andy Cohen
Alison Klayman

Directed, Produced, Filmed, and Edited by
Nanfu Wang

Creative Producer
Peter Lucas

Michael Shade

Graphics by
Garry Waller

Music by
Nathan Halpern
Chris Ruggiero

Written by
Nanfu Wang
Mark Monroe

Consulting Editor
Jean Tsien, ACE

Additional Editing
Michael Shade
Lauren Saffa

Additional Footage
Michael Shade

Sound Recorder
Nanfu Wang

Sound Design & Re-recording Mixer
Ron Bochar

Dialogue Editor
Philip Stockton

Sound Effects Editor
Allan Zaleski

Assistant Sound Editor
Chris Fielder

Digital Intermediate Colorist
Will Cox

Digital Intermediate Online Editor
Drew Kilgore

Digital Intermediate Producer
Caitlin Tartaro

Post Production Services
Final Frame

Legal Services
Victoria S. Cook, Esq.
Maura Wogan, Esq.
Paul Sarker, Esq.

US Sales Representation

Distribution Consultant
Jon Reiss

Outreach Coordinator
Erin Chaney
Brittaney Check

Yijun He

Nanfu Wang
Paul Stephen

Original Score
Nathan Halpern
Chris Ruggiero
Courtesy of Copticon Music and Jasper vs Sanchez (ASCAP)
Cello, Viola, & Violin Performed by Robert Pycior

Special Thanks
Lynda Weinman
Kate Amend
Hannah Buck
Christine Camdessus
Claudio Cea
Lori Cheatle
Dongnan Chen
Wendy Cohen
Lisa Cole
Diana Diroy
Shimon Dotan
Sigrid Dyekjær
Julie Goldman
Rongfei Guo
Kuan He
Kirsten Johnson
Thomas Kellogg
Per K. Kirkegaard
Ethan Liu
Xin Liu
Will Lucas
David Magdael
Whitney Mallett
Luke Malone
Mary Manhardt
Adrian Mihai
Max Monroe
Ruby Monroe
Jenise Morgan
Zijian Mu
Josh Penn
Charlie Phillips
Tom Phillps
Marcia Rock
Cecilia Rubino
Nabiha Syed
James Shade
Marsha Shade
Aviva Slesin
Xizhe Wang
Judith Wolff
Hao Wu
Runze Yu
Titi Yu
NYU NewsDoc Program 2013
Sundance Institute Catalyst Intiative

All of my family and friends in China
whose names have been withheld for their safety

Funding provided by
Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program
Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund

Executive Producers for American Documentary | POV
Justine Nagan
Chris White

Hooligan Sparrow is a production of Little Horse Crossing the River, Inc. in association with Diamond Docs, AC Films, American Documentary | POV, and Center for Asian American Media.

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