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Ask the Filmmaker

David in Michigan asks: I'm working on a project now. Please tell me the key to a good story.

Hubert Davis: I'm not sure if I know the key to what makes a good story, but for me it was honesty. Trying to tell the story from an honest place, and also being honest with my subjects about how I was going to tell the story. And then trying to portray my subjects in an honest manner when editing the film. I think people feel whether a film is coming from an authentic place.

Jordan in Alaska asks: Hubert, I enjoyed your documentary "Hardwood"; I also enjoyed the soundtrack, especially the final track during the credits. Can you identify the artist, song, or CD please? It sounded like Miles Davis, but all muted trumpet play sounds like Miles Davis to me. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work.

Davis: The Hardwood score was done by two fabulous musicians here in Toronto, Fraser MacDougall and Dave Palmer, who composed all the music. It's funny you mention Miles Davis, because his music was a real influence in composing the tracks.

Shabbir in New York asks: What equipment did you use to shoot the film? How many crew were there during your shoots?

Davis: We shot the film primarily on the MiniDV Panasonic AG DVX 100. We also shot Super 16mm for the basketball scenes and Super 8mm. For both shoots in Vancouver and Chicago, we primarily had four or five crew members: myself, the Director of Photography, Location Sound, Camera Assistant and/or Production Assistant and a Project Coordinator.