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Photo Gallery

Photo Credits

  • Pamela Yates filming on "When the Mountains Tremble" in the Guatemalan highlands, 1982. (Newton Thomas Sigel and Skylight Pictures)
  • Head of the Guatemalan Armed Forces in 1982 General Benedicto Lucas Garcia shown here leading a group of helicopters as part of the Army's scorched earth campaign in the indigenous highlands of Guatemala. (Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos)
  • The Caba family in front of their home in Ixil highlands of Guatemala. The army massacred 95 people in their village in 1982 during the genocide. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Rosa Cana in Ilóm, Guatemala. An Ixil Maya, she says red in her clothing represents the blood shed in the genocide. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Alejandra Garcia's father disappeared when she was a year and 8 months old. She became a lawyer to avenge his forced disappearance and presumed death. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Military occupation of the Guatemalan highlands, 1982. The 1998 Truth Commission concluded that the Guatemalan Army committed genocide against the Mayan population. (Jean-Marie Simon)
  • Portrait of Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum, the original storyteller in "When the Mountains Tremble"