Good Fortune

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Development Projects Around the World

In Good Fortune, we see Jackson and Silva fighting massive international development projects that are threatening their homes and livelihoods. Jackson and Silva's stories in Good Fortune are not unique to Kenya, or even Africa. Stories of forced evictions in the name of progress can be found in every country and every period of history — from the flooding of a Boston suburb in the early 20th century to a failed 1995 Indonesian swamp conversion project to the recent widespread slum evictions in Zimbabwe.

This map highlights development projects from around the globe that demonstrate similar consequences to those shown in Jackson and Silva's stories and also links to organizations fighting on behalf of the threatened communities. If something like this is happening in your community, or you have learned about similar efforts in another part of the world, add them to the map and join the discussion on what is the best way forward.

This map was developed by Karla Berberich and Transient Pictures.

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