Good Fortune

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Landon Van Soest

Jeremy Levine

Original Music By
T. Griffin

Line Producer
Benard Aulo Ohanga

Executive Producers
Katy Chevigny
Judith Helfand
Diana Barrett
Andrew Herwitz

Landon Van Soest
Alexander Stikitch

Jeremy Levine
Landon Van Soest

Assistant Editor
Tina Grapenthin

Collins Mbira Okwatta
Michael Wanjohi

Field Translators
Collins Mbira Okwatta
Michael Wanjohi
Benard Aulo Ohanga
Joshua Juma

Production Assistants
Godfrey Omondi
Sophia Nafula Oundo
Samson Namale
Linda Obumba
Pauline Oyamo

Additional Camera
Stephen Okumu

Post-Production Assistants
Nathaniel Cunningham
Robert Kornstein

Translation Supervisors
Benard Aulo Ohanga
Stephen Okumu

Final Translation
William Otuoma
Sophia Nafula Oundo

Research Assistants
Annika Beaulieu

Consulting Editors
Darius Marder
Jay Sterrenberg

Creative Consultants
Ben Crane
Meg Jamieson
Carol Dysinger

Supervising Sound Editor
Paul Bercovitch

Sound Effects
John Moros

Rerecording Mixer
Paul Bercovitch
Tom Paul

Post-Production Sound
Gigantic Studios

Catherine McRae

All Other Instruments and Recording
T. Griffin

Mike Wechsler

Online Editor/Colorist
Jon Fordham

Video Post-Production Services

Press Manager
Catherine Chao

Fiscal Sponsor
Arts Engine, Inc.

Marie Huchzermeyer
Robert Neuwirth
Peyi Soyinka-Airewele
N'dri Assie-Lumumba

Special Thanks To
Romulus Abila
Aerie Family
Auma Family
Kristin Feeley
Alec Gitelman
Mohamed Jama
Levine Family
James Longley
Elizabeth Mandel
Cara Mertes
Jonathan Miller
Ohanga Family
Frances Reid
Esther Robinson
Ann Rose
Gerardo Samano
Anne Seidlitz
Sam Sibble
Zebediah Smith
Milton Tabbot
Amit Tyagi
Carmel Valianti
Van Soest Family
Emily Verellen
Christopher Wong
Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective
Independent Feature Project
Institute of International Education

Additional Footage Provided By
Nation TV
ITN Source

Film Sales Company

Funding Provided By
The Fledgling Fund
Park Foundation
Fulbright Program

This film was supported by the Sundance Documentary Film Program.

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