Take Action

Conduct fundraisers or public information campaigns to support the efforts of human rights organizations like Amnesty International or Fair Trials International to free people who have been unjustly imprisoned. In the United States, local affiliates of the Innocence Project can provide suggestions on how to start or where to find support for ongoing initiatives.

Visit http://freepaconow.com/ and explore ways to get involved in the Free Paco Now campaign

Research jail and prison conditions in your state, especially conditions for people awaiting trial (who have not yet been convicted of anything). Compare them to the conditions you see in the film. Decide what changes, if any, should take place and make a plan of action to address the needs. As an alternative, meet with the families of people who are incarcerated and listen to their experiences and their needs. Discuss ways your community could help meet those needs.

Convene a screening of Give Up Tomorrow as part of a teach-in or debate on the proposition that the United States should follow the example set by the Philippines and abolish the death penalty.