Directed by
Michael Collins

Marty Syjuco

Eric Daniel Metzgar

Executive Producer
Ramona Diaz
Eric Daniel Metzgar

Joshua Z Weinstein
Michael Collins

Original Music
Adam Crystal

Steve Bennett
Carmen Vicencio

Creative Consultant
Jenny Golden

Editing Consultant
Mary Manhardt
Jean Tsien, A.C.E

Michael Collins
Eric Daniel Metzgar
Marty Syjuco

Consulting Producer
Patty Kim
Nicole Opper
Chris Sheridan

Producer (Spain)
Joan Ubeda

Field Producer
Ditsi Carolino
Sheryl Cortes
Girlie Linao
Cynthia Paz
Hilda Yaneza

Additional Editing
Michael Collins

Assistant Editor
Jamie Canobbio
Jeremiah Glazer
Jon Sauer

Post-production Assistant
Rob Asher
Yianna Dellatolla
Claro De Los Reyes
Tatianna Mccabe

Translation and Transcription
Brown Eyed Media

Additional Camera
Raul De La Fuente
Diego Fernández
Milo Paz
Marty Syjuco

Additional Footage
Oskar Epelde

Arial Photography
Aeroeye Asia

Post-production Supervisor
Steve Bennett

Post-production Services

Martin Zeichner

Re-recording Facility
Creative Audio Post

Re-recording Mixer
Jacques Boulanger

Title Design and Motion Graphics
Michael Collins

Key Art Design
Scott Munson

Still Photography
Arni Aclao
Alex Badayos
Victor Kintanar

Archival Footage
Abs-Cbn Global Limited
Gma Worldwide, Inc.
Radio Philippines Network

Writing Consultant
Terri J. Allen
Joanna Rabiger
Miguel Syjuco

Social Media Director
Abi Hassen

Legal Services
Laverne Berry
Neil J. Rosini

Fiscal Sponsor

Accounting Services
James Cassidy
Adams & Salter, Cpas, Pc

Taylor & Taylor Associates

Production Manager For ITVS
Jorge Trelles

Producer for the BBC
Jo Lapping

Sundance Documentary Film Program
Cara Mertes

Commissioning Editor For DR
Mette Hoffmann Meyer

Tribeca Film Institute
Ryan Harrington

The Fledgling Fund
Emily Verellen

Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Don Young

Additional Music
"Losing it"
Written by Yuka Honda
Performed by Yuka Honda
Published by Luminescent Invertebrate

Written by Timo Ellis and Kirsten McCord
Performed by Biker Period
Published by 70% Water Music

"Phantom With an Armor"
Written by Yuka Honda and Michael Leonhart
Performed by Yuka Honda and Michael Leonhart
Published by Luminescent Invertebrate

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer for the BBC
Nick Fraser

Supported by
The Bertha Foundation
The Britdoc Foundation
Good Pitch
IFP Independent Filmmaker Lab
Sundance Creative Producing Lab
Sundance Edit and Story Lab

Additional Funding Provided by
The Fledgling Fund
Gucci Tribeca
Jerome Foundation
New York State Council On The Arts

Supported by the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and Tribeca All Access, year round programs of the Tribeca Film Institute.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Larrañaga family for having the strength and courage to share their story.

Give Up Tomorrow is a co-production of Thoughtful Robot, ITVS, CAAM and POV's Diverse Voices Project with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in association with the BBC.

For Jack & Grace,
Jaime, Carissa, Cindy, Chuck and Jon.

Filmed on location in the Philippines, Spain, UK, USA.

Give Up Tomorrow was produced by Thoughtful Robot
which is solely responsible for its content.

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