Girl Model

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Take Action

Partner with a community organization that focuses on girls (e.g., a local Girls Inc. chapter) to host a screening and a discussion about the relationship between fashion, body image and girls' self-esteem.

Include a panel of experts in media, modeling or body image to support a discussion and to offer strategies for resisting unhealthy media messages or peer pressure.

Using examples of ads from the galleries at About-Face or the Library of Really!?!at Powered By Girl or ads that your group has collected, create and post counter-ads that help people think more deeply about portrayals of women and girls. You can find ideas for other types of media activism at

Identify groups like FAIR Girls that help girls escape from human trafficking and related exploitative situations. Find out what you can do to support their work.

Invite a representative from a state or local consumer protection office to speak to your group, school or organization about modeling agency scams.

Together with women's studies faculty from a local college or university, host a mother-daughter event that creates a safe space for women and girls to learn about the historical roots of the emphasis on women's appearance and the people who make money from current messages about beauty.

Carefully look through the images in your favorite fashion magazine. Estimate the average age of the models. How many images include young girls modeling clothing for women? Talk about why designers would choose to use children to showcase women's wear. What does that choice say about how society feels about actual women and aging?