From This Day Forward

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Take Action

  • Create local support groups for children with parents who are transitioning and/or adults with spouses/partners who are transitioning.
  • Investigate the current status of civil rights and other legal protections for transgender people. Let your elected representatives know where you stand on the issues.
  • Plan an observance for National Transgender Day of Remembrance (held in November). For tips, see Then plan a day of celebration, when transgender people in your community can share their success stories and be honored for their accomplishments.
  • Host a viewing party for a mass media series featuring transgender characters (e.g., Transparent or Orange Is the New Black). Compare the depictions on one of or both of these fictional television shows with those in the film (and/or with the real lives of other transgender people).
  • Work with local and national anti-bias organizations to create a short "Facts About Transgender" presentation that can be shared with local students and the adults who work with them (such as teachers, librarians, counselors and law enforcement officers). If possible, and with assistance from organizations, arrange for local transgender individuals to visit classrooms and share their stories.