The Principles of Universal Design

Hannah: This IDEA SUNY bathroom has appliances that move and relocate depending on the user's needs. Users can customize their own bathing space. How many times have you wanted to sit down and take a shower? Well many of us can't stand when taking a shower. The introduction of a seat in the shower allows us all to enjoy that wonderful feeling of water cascading over those well-used muscles. Adjustability and adaptability should be designed into every appliance and room we use. Children can't reach the faucets in most bathrooms so we buy a stool and hope they don't fall off when they reach for the toothpaste. Wouldn't it be simpler to just adjust the height of the sink? Wouldn't it be safer? We strap our children into car seats every day but we let them loose on some flimsy stool in the most dangerous room of the house!

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