Food, Inc.

A Robert Kenner Film
PBS Premiere: April 21, 2010Check the broadcast schedule »

Film Update

What do you think about the reaction of the farming community to Food, Inc.?

From my standpoint, it's a little negative. As you know, the agricultural community hasn't been taking it well. I'm really frustrated that many farmers are commenting on the film prior to seeing it. I've seen instances in the media where the farmer speaking out against Food, Inc. hasn't seen it.

There is a perception that Food, Inc. is negative towards farmers. It's negative towards industry and its impacts on the food industry, but not towards farmers. So I'm frustrated by the response my peers have given to it.

One of the reasons that I'm excited about the PBS broadcast is that I hope some of my colleagues will view the film — even though it's planting season — and assess it with an open mind. I hope that they would come away with an entirely different perspective as to what it is.