Company/Consultant Campaigns/Resources Description
Alexander & Company Nonprofit Media
Campaigns: NonProfit Media specializes in film education and media outreach, creating custom campaigns for community engagement and audience participation. We focus on nonprofit collaborations, educators and students, youth leaders and community organizers to expand outreach and raise awareness about educational films, television programs, and documentaries in an effective and engaging way. Our expertise includes consulting, campaign strategy and design, outreach, content development, online presence (including web development, mobile app technology, SEO and social media) evaluation, reporting and more.
Azure Media
Campaigns: Azure Media produces high profile transmedia projects on air, online, and on the go that fuel social impact campaigns in communities, in schools, and in capitols. Specialties: TRANSMEDIA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT for film/media projects (research and strategy; editorial development and alliances across TV, film, radio, web, mobile, magazine, book, game, CD, and DVD platforms; and branding, messaging, and integrated marketing). SOCIAL ACTION AND IMPACT CAMPAIGN DESIGN for measurable social change initiatives (polling; audience and issue ID; media, government, NGO, and corporate partnerships; public education campaigns; educational and community outreach; public affairs; audience engagement; calls-to-action; and evaluation). These TransImpact™ campaigns move public and influencer audiences from awareness to understanding to engagement to action around a media project and issue, seeding measurable behavioral, social, and policy change. Azure Media was founded in 2007 by Anne Zeiser, a critically-acclaimed journalist and storyteller (PBS, CBS News); social advocate (government, PBS impact); and media strategist (film and corporate marketing executive).
Big Picture Educational Consulting
Campaigns: We are experts that reside at the intersection of film, education, and impact. We work directly with filmmakers, studios, and distributors to get their films into the hands of educators, students, and community members of all ages. Our strategies vary depending on the film, budget, and objectives of each client, but our primary goal is always the same: to engage as many people as possible using film as an educational tool. We are the only impact producers with professional experience in the film industry who also have years of experience as educators working in and with schools and nonprofits. Big Picture will amplify the influence of your film, augment your revenue streams, to engage, inspire, and cultivate new audiences in classrooms and communities nationwide.
Borderline Media
Campaigns: Borderline Media is a multiplatform communications and engagement consulting firm that provides fundraising, strategic design, partnership development, and public and digital engagement services for media campaigns and platforms. We help content producers maximize their media to inspire civic participation, social action and impact. They offer a free 30 minute consultation for filmmakers.
Bryce Kirchoff
Campaigns: Bryce has seven years' progressive experience engaging diverse communities through all forms of media. Online, on-air, and in-person he has led initiatives to convene and connect people around issues that matter.
Christina Lindstrom
Campaigns: Christina has fifteen years of experience in media, advocacy and business development. Prior to consulting independently, she worked as the Senior Director of Strategy and Impact for Participant Media for 7 years. Before this, she co-built the international media licensing distribution arm of Jupiter Images (acquired by Getty Images) and assisted in the development of the Artists for Amnesty division of Amnesty International, USA. She is equal parts business and pro-social diligence. Christina has designed and implemented impact campaigns for films such as The Help, Waiting for ‘Superman,’ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Food, Inc., Private Violence, Broken Heart Land and others and has produced evaluation strategies for various original programming for pivot TV. She’s assisted myriad non-profits with their evaluation, communication and fundraising efforts and is passionate about social change.
Dawn Dewald
Campaigns: Dawn Dewald provides strategic planning, implementation and education for content producers. Her perspective is that your engagement strategy should be measured beyond the realm of the film & television industry. Do you want your film to drive civic participation, encourage empathy, and change policies? Contact Dawn to introduce yourself and share where you want to go with your film. Dawn can help you define measurable goals, manage digital outreach campaigns, manage media relations, write for collateral material and your website, organize community screenings, manage grassroots distribution, coordinate special events, set discussion panels, and develop partnerships. Dawn's background is in digital communication and marketing. She worked as an outreach coordinator with renown production companies Kartemquin Educational Films and Kindling Group, before working as a publicity consultant with Music Box Films.
Eric S. Singer
Campaigns: Eric Singer holds a Ph.D. in History from American University in Washington, D.C. and a Masters of Education from University of Vermont with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. For over a decade, he has provided historical, intellectual and creative context for films, educational initiatives and public history projects. A deeply critical thinker, Eric believes that the only way to effectively solve a complex problem is to trace it to its roots. In early 2008, he became the Principal Researcher for Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States, a twelve-hour documentary series (and companion book) that aired on Showtime and Sky Atlantic. The series analyzed and critiqued American foreign policy and domestic politics from McKinley to Obama. After it aired in early 2013, Eric conceptualized, designed and implemented the Untold History Education Project, a website, educational outreach and social media program that connects teachers, community activists and the general public to a wide array of historical teaching tools. Eric has also conducted research, developed curriculum and managed educational outreach for an array of other films, including The Road to Little Rock and Parents of the Revolution. Eric taught American history at University of Baltimore from 2007 through 2013. There, he designed and implemented fourteen unique history courses including The Wire: Baltimore and the Urban Crisis, History of American Sexuality, American Urban History and Living With the Bomb: Social, Political and Cultural Implications of Modern War. His work on the culture of the Cold War has been published in prominent national and international journals, including the Hamburg Institute for Social Research’s Angst im Kalten Krieg (Fear in the Cold War) and the Journal of Urban History. Eric has also been instrumental in planning and executing a wide variety of nationally and internationally recognized public history projects including American University’s Nuclear Studies Institute, University of Baltimore’s Baltimore ’68: Riots and Rebirth conference, and the Baltimore National Heritage Area’s Hidden History digital QR code project. Eric currently lives near Washington D.C. with his wife and daughter.
Fifty & Fifty
Campaigns: Fifty & Fifty was founded in 2009 to provide top-shelf web and technology solutions for the world’s leading humanitarian causes, and do it at such a level for which there are no substitutes. Fifty works solely with nonprofits—people and missions that are socially and ethically defensible. Everything is founded on the premise of partnership.
Film Sprout
Campaigns: Film Sprout is a boutique distribution and outreach firm that helps filmmakers broaden the audience and impact of their documentary films through public screening events. As part of this mission, Film Sprout also assists filmmakers in developing strategic communication with audiences and stakeholders and in planning engagement initiatives that translate the viewer experience into on-the-ground action.
Firelight Media Community Action Division
Sonya Childress:
Campaigns: Firelight’s Community Action Division meets the needs of producers, organizers, audiences and philanthropists by connecting high-quality films with concrete and innovative ways for audiences to become inspired, educated, and mobilized into action. The Community Action Division primarily services producers by conceiving and implementing well-structured, multi-platform community engagement efforts around a range of social issues. A team of documentary and new media specialists will be on hand to assist projects at various stages of development. For a fee, Independent Producers seeking outreach specialists can retain Firelight’s Community Action Division to advise on or implement full-scale multi-platform engagement campaigns. The Division will capitalize on Firelight’s proven community engagement strengths – employing innovative promotional strategies to bring non-traditional audiences to public television, working closely with community based organizations that serve people of color, and providing exciting opportunities for engagement both online and offline.
Lina Srivastava TWITTER: @lksriv
Campaigns: Lina Srivastava is a strategist who combines activism, technology, culture, art, and storytelling for social transformation, bringing new narrative forms and distribution techniques to human rights and global development initiatives. She is the founder of a social innovation strategy group in New York City. Lina has provided project design consultation to a group of social impact organizations, including UNESCO, the World Bank, UNICEF, MobileActive, Apne Aap, Shine Global, BYkids, and Donor Direct Action. An attorney by training from New York University School of Law, Lina has been involved in campaigns for several documentaries, including Oscar-winning Born into Brothels, Emmy-nominated The Devil Came on Horseback, Oscar-winning Inocente, and Who Is Dayani Cristal?, which recently premiered opening night at the Sundance Film Festival. She is the currently strategist for VODO, 3Generations, and Lakou Mizik. The creator of the Transmedia Activism framework, which guides the development of media, art, and technology projects from story to social action, she is currently one of a handful of people in the world creating narrative-based social change initiatives with NGOs, global institutions, and independent media creators, combining both field experience with skills in documentary engagement and transmedia design. Lina provides workshops, consultations, keynote addresses, panel discussions, and speeches on the rise of storytelling, narrative platforms, and social innovation as tools for social change, including at Yale Law School, Lincoln Center, MIT Media Lab, TEDx, and the Tribeca Film Festival.
Marga Varea
Campaigns: Marga Varea is a Boston-based independent outreach and engagement strategist with over fifteen years of experience in film and television. She develops and implements creative impact campaigns for documentary films of all sizes, maximizing resources while focusing on your goals and dreams for the film. She does so with passion, knowledge and a strong drive for social change and public debate. She understands the funding challenges and complex distribution choices that independent filmmakers face, but also believes in the importance of bringing documentary films to widespread audiences and to extend their life to educate and raise consciousness around the issues that inspired films. Marga designs hybrid, multi-platform campaigns engaging a variety of strategies. Some of her services include: Campaign Design, Campaign Implementation, Screening & Educational Tours, Film Festival Circuit, Strategic Partnerships Development, Social Media Advice & Management, Website Content Audit, E-mail Marketing, and Distribution Advice. Contact Marga for a 30-minute complimentary consult.
Materre Media Consulting/Creatively Speaking 646-207-0387
Campaigns: Materre Media Consulting is a New York-based strategic marketing, distribution and management consultancy firm, helmed by Michelle Materre. Materre’s professional background spans more than 25 years experience as film producer, writer, arts administrator, distribution/marketing specialist, film programmer and college professor. She is currently a Professor of Media Studies at The New School where she was recently awarded the University Distinguished Teaching Award; she is an independent media consultant, advising filmmakers and organizations on fundraising, distribution, outreach, marketing, and exhibition.
Moca Media
Campaigns: MocaMedia works with filmmakers to clarify and achieve their engagement objectives, extend the life of their films, and reach an international audience through festivals, community screenings, partnerships, and social media. Partners Angela Alston and Gwen Alston work with filmmakers short or long term, depending on goals and budgets. They've supported festival launches, theatrical runs, and planned and implemented years-long engagement campaigns. Best way to start: a free 15-minute phone consultation.
Monifa Bandele
Campaigns: Monifa Bandele is an impact producer with nearly a decade of experience developing education curriculum, resource guides, social/trans media projects, and community engagement campaigns for films like Hip Hop - Beyond Beats and Rhymes, Banished, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, Soul Food Junkies and the Emmy Award winning documentary Freedom Riders. She has worked as a community outreach consultant for both Working Films and Firelight Media engaging more than 100 educational institution and partner organizations like Center for American Progress, NAACP, Boys and Girls Club of America, Columbia University, University of Wisconsin, and Spelman College - ultimately reaching tens of thousands of audience participants. During the day, Monifa is a senior campaign director for Started in May 2006, is an organization with more than 1.2 million members, 1,000 contributing bloggers, and more than a hundred aligned national organizations, working together to increase family economic security, to end discrimination against women and mothers, and to help ensure all children can thrive. With a social media reach of more than 3.5 million readers, has named’s website one of the “Top 100 Websites For Women” for four years in a row.
Nancy Schwartzman
Campaigns: Nancy Schwartzman is a filmmaker, media strategist, and catalyst for social change who believes storytelling and technology can create safer communities for women and girls. Nancy is the director of the documentaries "The Line" and "xoxosms" (forthcoming broadcast on POV July 18, 2013) Nancy is the Founder of The Line Campaign, a transmedia non-profit dedicated to empowering young leaders to end sexual violence. She is also a creator of Circle of 6, a White House award-winning iOS and Android app created to fight violence against women, now used in 26 countries. An early adopter of cutting edge media tools for women's safety and dynamic storytelling, Nancy is a sought-after speaker and consultant working with film festivals, college students, military populations, independent filmmakers, and international organizations.
New Arts Axis
Campaigns: New Arts Axis is a new media consultancy facilitating creative innovation and impact for art, culture and human rights. They partner with artists who want their work to have deeper and more lasting impact in communities. They work with NGOs who want to collaborate more closely with artists to connect with audiences in more meaningful ways. New Arts Axis helps artists connect with organizations that truly want to collaborate. Their expertise includes web/digital story development and multiplatform project strategies, emerging technology, creative innovation labs, community engagement programs including live events and artist residencies, interactive partnership development, braintrusts and impact reporting. It’s a diverse menu that works because they are a globally-distributed network of artists and thinkers and makers who can come together depending on the needs and budget of the project. Thier tags are Art, Technology, Culture, Collaboration and Social Impact. Everything we do falls in some combination of those buckets. They dig into projects from two months to two years – every Agreement is customizable to the needs and capacity of the project.
Neyda Luz Martínez
Campaigns: Neyda Luz Martínez is a producer and independent cultural consultant with over 15 years of experience. She started her career at The Lakeside Group, producer of the Chicago International Art Expo at Navy Pier, where she assisted in various aspects of production and promotion, served as assistant to the president and managed international cultural exchange programs. Since then she has held key positions and managed departments or initiatives at The Public Theater and El Museo del Barrio in New York, and the PBS series POV. She has also worked in the philanthropic, private and commercial business sectors for The Vidal Partnership, Salomon Smith Barney/Citigroup, Fundación Cuba Avant‐Garde, and the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, among others.
Quiet Little Place
Campaigns: The Quiet Little Place team thrives at the point in which story and action intersect. With experience in filmmaking, grass roots organizing, policy-changing, and working with a variety of entertainment companies and nonprofits; our team understands what it takes to both raise the visibility of an impacting story and effect lasting change.
Outreach Extensions
Campaigns: A national consulting firm founded in 1992, Outreach Extensions develops and implements solution-based media outreach campaigns that extend the impact of documentaries beyond television into local communities.
Picture Motion
Campaigns: Picture Motion specializes in using social media, grassroots screenings and partnership development to create social action campaigns around documentary and narrative films in order to drive social change. They work with films that have the potential for powerful and socially driven outreach campaigns that can make a measurable impact. Their work includes social action campaign development, partnership development, social media and community engagement, and grassroots distribution.
Pride Collaborative Twitter: @pridecollab
Campaigns: Pride Collaborative helps to deepen relationships with customers, communities and audiences by connecting the dots between storytelling, content creation, digital media, and live experiences. They recently co-created the cross-media educational component for the PBS documentary Slavery by Another Name, developed a digital curricula for the NPR radio show State of the Re:Union, and is managing community outreach for AFFRM films. They also launched StoriesLead, a catalyst for great storytelling and the create daily, which matches talented content creators and media makers with career-advancing opportunities.
ProSocial Consulting
Campaigns: ProSocial is a strategy consulting and campaign management firm in the business of high-impact social change. They build innovative, multiplatform public engagement campaigns in the pursuit of sustainable social impact on a wide variety of issues, such as health, education, the environment and human rights. Based in Los Angeles, their team’s close relationship with entertainment media brings momentum and attention to social causes. ProSocial has a successful history of architecting strategy and building social campaigns for clients across sectors, including media, corporate, and mission-driven organizations.
Sahar Driver
Campaigns: Social movements need powerful stories. But if that is all it took to solve social problems, we wouldn’t have any. Strong and compelling stories that grapple with timely and important issues benefit from careful planning to ensure the message reaches the right audiences, in the right ways, at the right times. I help filmmakers, funders, and movement leaders build strategic partnerships that strengthen their respective projects and contribute to meaningful and sustainable change. Campaigns and projects that I have contributed to, through my work at Active Voice and elsewhere, have gone on to influence public discourse and measurable change related to immigration, racial justice, LGBT rights and inclusion, educational reform, and more. Titles include: American Promise by Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster, American Revolutionary by Grace Lee, Being Mortal by FRONTLINE, Facing Fear by Jason Cohen, Gideon's Army by Dawn Porter, The New Black by Yoruba Richen, Welcome to Shelbyville by Kim A. Snyder, and Who is Dayani Cristal? by Marc Silver. Partnerships have included: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the American Library Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Church World Service, Facing History and Ourselves, National Domestic Workers Alliance, PFLAG, Teaching Tolerance, and the YMCA of the USA, among many others.
Sarah Newman
Campaigns: Sarah Newman produces social action and impact campaigns for films, non-profits and media groups. Whether it's a 90-minute film, a 3 minute video, or a photograph, media can inspire people to think differently and take action, creating fundamental changes at a personal, community, political, and/or societal level. To achieve such impacts, she researches, develops and manages strategic campaigns (including managing partners, overseeing community outreach and engagement and measuring impact. She has a Masters in Public Health and an extensive background in the non-profit and policy sectors as a community organizer, political campaign director and outreach director.
Simone Pero
Campaigns: For Impact Productions is a strategic marketing and cross-sector public affairs firm founded and led by Simone Pero. Recognizing the growing importance for content makers, storytellers, brands, and advocacy to join forces, Simone founded For Impact Productions to serve Fortune 500 companies, independent artists and films, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and social issue campaigns. For Impact Productions’ focus is big picture strategy, developing targeted, meaningful, and measurable plans that forge cross-sector engagement, divserse audiences, and key stakeholders in fostering social change. Simone Pero is a corporate communications executive having held senior level positions with top-tier brands including MTV, Rainbow Media Holdings/Cablevision, and with the Federal government. She is also one of the lead developers of the State University of New York's first MFA in Film launched by Stony Brook Southampton and Killer Films.
Take Culture LLC
Campaigns: Take Culture LLC is a multimedia content marketing company focused on creating and marketing film and media content through platforms that are engaging, entertaining - and get our clients the most results. Our role in your success is to generate awareness, and we take it seriously. Our award-winning expertise is a rich mix of public relations, marketing communications, media relations, strategic planning, web, film, video content development, social media, writing and editing collateral materials, and event management. This diverse background and experience informs the work we do for you and is what makes us different. Want to know how we can make your content work best for you? Get in touch with us!
Third Stage Consulting
Campaigns: Third Stage Consulting provides strategic planning, project management and implementation to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector through partnerships with documentary filmmakers. Building on the filmmaker's vision, Third Stage Consulting develops impactful and strategic calls to action - operationalized through targeted and measurable goals and objectives. Third Stage Consulting is dedicated to building on the inspiration and urgency that documentary film brings to social justice concerns. Creative programming wrapped around a story, inspires those in the trenches grappling with ways to bring public awareness and empathy to those concerns. Through these efforts, Third Stage Consulting ensures that social justice documentaries create impact far beyond festivals, public audience engagement and broadcasts activity.
Campaigns: Angela Tucker is a writer, director and producer. Her directorial work includes (A)SEXUAL, a feature length documentary about people who experience no sexual attraction available on iTunes and VOD this summer and BLACK FOLK DON’T … a satirical, documentary web series in its second season featured in Time Magazine’s “10 Ideas That Are Changing Your Life.” She is a Co-Producer on THE NEW BLACK, a feature length documentary currently in production about the complicated histories of the African American and LGBT civil rights movements. She was the Director of Production at Big Mouth Films, a social issue documentary production company that is a project of Arts Engine, Inc. There, she produced several award winning documentaries including PUSHING THE ELEPHANT (PBS’ Independent Lens) about a Congolese mother and daughter separated over 12 years. An expert outreach campaign manager, Tucker knows how to increase and leverage audience engagement and impact of a project, her efforts leading to screenings on Capitol Hill and in closed door Senate meetings. She manages social media campaigns for project of all sizes and regularly speaks at universities about everything from concept development to execution, distribution, and audience engagement.
Velvet Frame
Campaigns: Velvet Frame is a boutique social change strategy and communications agency founded by Lauren Graham. We use ecological principles to design collaborative spaces, enrich cultural narratives, and develop new models for collective action action. We create impact by transforming the way that people design, lead, and evolve mission-driven organizations. Velvet Frame works with filmmakers to design and implement customized social action campaigns and strategic outreach plans to elevate the call to action of documentary films. Our deepest expertise is in environment/sustainability, and international topics. We provide consulting services to film festivals on a range of project management, creative programming, and organizational development needs. Our services also include partnership development, pitch preparation, fundraising management, and event production.
Working Films
Campaigns: Recognizing the power of stories to inspire and transform, Working Films cultivates partnerships between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocates to advance social justice and support community-based change. We train documentary makers in audience engagement and work with NGOs to use story-driven films and media to enhance their programs and move their missions forward. Our film campaigns have helped to change toxic marketplaces, influenced equitable public policies, supported more inclusive communities, and inspired principled individual actions.

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