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Kadiatou Diallo

Every Mother's Son - Kadiatou DialloKadiatou Diallo is the founder of the Amadou Diallo Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of racial healing through educational programs. She has worked closely with members of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care to improve relations between the police and the community. She has worked with politicians in an effort to pass state and federal racial profiling laws.

Wheeler Avenue, the street where Amadou lived and was killed, was renamed Amadou Diallo Place on February 4, 2003, the fourth anniversary of his death.

In 2003 Kadiatou published her autobiography, My Heart Will Cross This Ocean: My Story, My Son, Amadou.

Mrs. Diallo has received e-mails and letters from all over the world. This is an excerpt from a postcard she received from a woman in Africa after the settlement January 2004:

"I am a young woman from Burkina Faso and I admire you for being a mother and a courageous woman. I know that your effort has rooted and I wish for it to reach the size of this giant tree, the Baobab Tree on the front of this postcard, to reach to millions and millions of people a million times because people all over the world should know that this great country of liberty and all the promise it inspires to people is also a giant country of injustice." — Mai Sakara

And this from a writing student at Manhattan Community College:

"Every woman on this earth should read this story to be inspired by this young girl who has become a woman of strength and dignity. Amadou came to this earth for a mission and that is to touch the human spirit. He did not come to last for long, and his mission was accomplished." — Wore Ndiaye

In 2005, Kadiatou will build a 20-classroom school in Labe, Guinea to bring computer access to students. She continues to lecture throughout the country, donating all of the proceeds to the Amadou Diallo Foundation.