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Iris Baez

Iris BaezIn 1998, Iris Baez founded the Anthony Baez Community & Parents Against Police Brutality Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting families confronted with police violence. The mission of the foundation covers education, human rights, constitutional rights, community awareness of police brutality and community involvement.

The Foundation is in the process of developing a "First Aid" kit containing information on what to do when a family member or friend is confronted by police misconduct and/or brutality. The kit will address questions like:

  • How to find legal counsel
  • How to log/date all information
  • How to make a complaint to the Civilian Complaint Review Board Complaint
  • How to obtain an independent autopsy
  • How to organize community and local representatives to support your case

Recently, Iris made the decision to work on the inside. In 2000, Iris was nominated to be a member of the Civilians Complaint Review Board. Mayor Giuliani rejected this nomination stating that Iris Baez would not be objective in her ability to evaluate the conduct of a police officer.

In 2003, Iris ran for City Council on the Democratic/Green Party Ticket. Due to redistricting, the signed petitions she needed to run were rejected by the city. She hopes to run again in the future and win.

Current Family Life

After raising 6 children and 5 adopted children, Iris and her husband Ramon continue to make a commitment to young people in their home in the Bronx. Today they are raising six foster children. Mixed into her busy schedule, Iris travels around the country speaking to groups about the need for police reform.