Excerpt: The NYPD Patrol Guide: Introduction


Law enforcement officers are front-line soldiers of the law. The are constantly faced with critical situations. Immediate decisions and consequent actions must be proper to preserve the intergrity of law enforcement, the citizens of New York and the rights of the defendents. Law enforcement officers faced with violence, serious emergencies or erupting crimes must act at once and their judgment must be based on knowledge.

-- from the Preface

Inside the Guide:

PG 203-09
Public Contact:
(1) Courteously and clearly state your rank, name, shield number and command, or otherwise provide them, to anyone who requests you to do so. Allow the person ample time to note this information.
(2) Be courteous and respectful. | Read more »

PG 203-11
Use of Force:
All uniformed members of the service are responsible and accountable for the proper use of force under appropriate circumstances. | Read more »

PG 203-12
Deadly Physical Force:
The New York City Police Department recognizes the value of all human life and is committed to respecting the dignity of every individual. The primary duty of all members of the service is to preserve human life. | Read more »

PG 216-05
Mentally Ill Or Emotionally Disturbed Persons:
Purpose: To safeguard a mentally ill or emotionally disturbed person who does not voluntarily seek medical assistance. | Read more »

Excerpted from New York City Police Department Patrol Guide Manual, 2004 Edition. Gould Publications, 2003.