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What is it like to have power over life and death, and yet to struggle with your own humanity? The English Surgeon is the story of acclaimed British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, who has traveled to Ukraine for 15 years to treat patients who have been left to die; of his friend and medical colleague in Kyiv who carries on the fight despite official hostility and archaic surgical conditions; and of a young patient who hopes that Henry can save his life.

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Comment on the Film
Rate the film and tell us what you think about Igor, his patients and The English Surgeon himself, Dr. Henry Marsh.

Q & A with director Geoffrey Smith
Ask Filmmaker Geoffrey Smith
Do you have a question for filmmaker Geoffrey Smith? Leave your question in the comments on this page. Geoffrey will answer select viewer questions in the weeks after the premiere of the film.

Watch an interview with the filmmaker
Geoffrey Smith
Filmmaker Geoffrey Smith talks about the medical conditions in the Ukraine, the ethical choices that doctors have to make and what we can all learn from Dr. Henry Marsh.

Watch an interview with Dr. Henry Marsh
Interview with Henry Marsh
In this interview, Dr. Henry Marsh of The English Surgeon talks about the challenges of neurosurgery, how he began working with Igor in the Ukraine, the differences between Ukrainian and Western medicine and more.