Take Action

Learn More About International Justice and Human Rights

In Enemies of the People, Thet Sambath interviews former Khmer Rouge officials in order to uncover the truth behind the Cambodian "killing fields." Learn more about human rights organizations, reconciliation groups, and international crime tribunals.

Identify local organizations or local chapters of national organizations working to preserve human rights (and/or facilitate reconciliation efforts) and find out how you can help.

Initiate an oral history project in your own community that focuses on identifying people who lived through injustices or atrocities and create safe spaces (either virtual or physical) in which they can tell and preserve their stories. Consider arranging for the stories to be presented in classrooms, religious organizations, libraries, youth programs and/or online.

Invite a panel of journalists to talk about the role of reporters in a democracy, the risks they take and what they think of Sambath's work to uncover Cambodian history.

Convene a study group on Cambodian history and culture. Use what you learn to examine U.S. foreign policy towards Cambodia and share your insights with your elected representatives, as well as with people in your community.

Stay informed about ongoing tribunals regarding past crimes against humanity, genocide and other human rights atrocities.