Written, Directed, Filmed and Produced by
Rob Lemkin
Thet Sambath

Executive Producers
Mike Wang
Rob Lemkin
Sandra Whipham

Stefan Ronowicz

Music by
Daniel Pemberton

Bansuri Flute
Alex Teymour Housego

Vincent Narduzzo

Dubbing Mixer
Alan Snelling

Associate Producer
Justin Temple

Editor (development)
Gideon Benari

Online Editor
Nigel Gourley

Graphics Editor
Roderick Longhurst

Development Associates
Christine Chaumeau
Sasha Collington

Creative Consultants
David Charap
Jack Gold
Nona Anderson

Associate Producers for Screen South
Jo Nolan
Miranda Robinson

Graphics & Website Design
James Franklin

Translation System
Pin Sisovann


Translation (UK/Belgium)
Virak Tep Olgunsoy
Ong Thong Hoeung

Translation (Cambodia)
Hor Hab
Nhem Bunly
Chea Kosal
Ean Than
Se Phally
Vong Khemara
Phon Neang
Nguon Sovan
Chan Kosal
Nob Visoth
Ana Nov
Hong Sokunthea
So Visal
Khe Sonorng
Ros Sinak

CTN (Cambodia)
RTS Belgrade
Gaumont Pathe
Christoph Maria Froeder

The Producers wish to thank
Gina Chon
Laura Summers
Nic Dunlop
Adrian Gatton
Yeang Neary
Thet Sethya
Thet Nearadey
Bridget Anderson
Nona Anderson
Liam Anderson
Roisin Anderson
Patrick Anderson
Soth Dina
Pin Sisovann

This film was supported by grants from and produced in association with
Sundance Documentary Film Program
Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund
EC Media Programme
CBA-DFID Broadcast Media Scheme
Screen South and Rife Lottery Funding

Produced in association with American Documentary | POV

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

This program was produced by Old Street Films and Thet Sambath who are solely responsible for its content.

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