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Excerpt: Mexico Before the World


Candidate and President
In April 1924 President Calles outlined the political platform for his candidacy to the presidency in a radio address to the nation.
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The Church Question
Calles responds to the New York Herald-Tribune's critiques of the skirmishes that had broken out between Mexican government authorities and the Roman Catholic Church, and particularly towards the expulsion of American clergy. Calles referred to an article of the Mexican Constitution that prohibited foreign ministers from leading worship in Mexico, insisting that the state was simply enforcing its laws.
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What we are doing in Mexico and for whom we are doing it
President Calles was commissioned by Foreign Business to explain the political philosophy of the Revolution:
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New Year Message to the Mexican People, January 1, 1927
In his second annual address to his constituents, President Calles discussed the state of the union, highlighting the government's objectives.
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Extracts from President Calles' Message to the Mexican Congress
In 1927, President Calles delivered this address to the 32nd Mexican Congress outlining the progress and political platforms supported by the Executive branch during his presidency.
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Mexico and Bolshevism
During Calles' term as president, relations between Mexico and the United States cooled significantly. One of the reasons was a suspicion among Americans that Mexico was harboring communist tendencies.
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