El General

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Directed and Written By
Natalia Almada

Produced By
Daniela Alatorre
Natalia Almada

Director Of Photography
Chuy Chavez

Sound Design and Mix
Alejandro De Icaza

Natalia Almada

Additional Photography
Natalia Almada (video)
Gerardo Barroso
Gregorio Chávez

Additional Editing
Shannon Kennedy

Editing Consultants
Mary Lampson
Sam Pollard

Creative Consultant
Sam Green

Production and Sound Mixer
Pedro Alfonso Mejía García

Assistant Sound Design
Chema Gómez Perez

Camera Assistant
Adrian Patiño
Lisa Tillinger
Iwao Kawasaky

Production Assistant
Guillermo Álvarez
Isadora Oseguera Pizaña

Narration and Translation Consultation
Daniela Alatorre
Alan Page
Jenni Quilter

History Advisor
Jean Meyer

Archival Materials Courtesy Of
Almada Family
Archivos Plutarco Elías Calles (FAPECFT)
Filmoteca de la UNAM
Fototeca Nacional del INAH
Fundación Carmen Toscano
U.S. National Archives and Record Administration

Archival Researchers
Daniela Alatorre
Guadalupe Bracho (FAPECFT)
Nahún Calleros (Filmoteca UNAM)
Bonnie Rowan

Fiction Film Scenes

"Sergei Eisenstein. Meksikanskaya fantasiya"
Directed by Oleg Kovalov
Courtesy of the Mexican Picture Partnership

"¡Que Viva Mexico! "
Directed by Sergei M. Eisenstein
Edited By Grigori Alexandrov, 1979

"Vámonos con Pancho Villa!"
Directed by Fernando de Fuentes
Clasa Films, S.A. 1936

"Viva Zapata!"
Directed by Elia Kazan
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp., 1952

"Si Yo Fuera Diputado"
Directed By Miguel M. Delgado
Posa Films International, S.A., 1952

Original Score Composed By
John Zorn, Marc Ribot And Shahzad Ismaily

Opera Courtesy Of Universal Music
Lakmé: Act I - Viens, Mallika, ...Dome Epais
Léo Delibes

On-Line Postworks
Colorist:  Savvas Paritsis
Additional Colorist: Scott Olive
Conforming Editor: Savvas Paritsis
Post Production Project Manager: Michael Ashburn

Still Photography
Gregory Allen

Film Titles Design
Isa Gouverneur

Motion Graphics
Anne Rothschild

Website Design

Legal Consultation
Phyllis Kaufman

Sales Agent
Louise Rosen Ltd.

Fiscal Sponsorship
Women Make Movies

Funding and Support Provided By
Independent Television Service
Latino Public Broadcasting
Guggenheim Foundation
Creative Capital
Sundance Documentary Institute and Labs
Media Arts Fellowship: A Program of Tribeca Film Institute
New York Foundation for the Arts
Jerome Foundation
Beca Gucci/Ambulante
MacDowell Colony

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Executive Producer for LPB
Patricia Boero

Special Thanks
Almada Family
Gregory Allen
Jesus Almada
Sally Berger
Marco Cappelli
Nicole Cattell
Pamela Echeverria
Lewis Erskin
Yance Ford
Elena Fortes
Francisco Garcia Ambriz

Peter Golub
Maria Isabel Gouverneur
Enrique Greiner
Evangeline Griego
Todd Griffin
Jenny Heard
Leo Heiblum
Cristina Ibarra
Fernando Kleinert
Mary Lampson
Mariana Linares Cruz
Michel Lipkes
James Longley
Cynthia López

David Macy
Vivek Maddala
Cara Mertes
Matias Meyer
Lucila Moctezuma
Norma Ogarrio
Kyle Oliver
Lynn Palanza
Laura Poitras
Lourdes Portillo
Marc Ribot
Alex Rivera
Esther Robinson
Kent Rogowski
Bernardo Ruiz
Charles Schultz
Rahdi Taylor
Jorge Trelles
Iván Trujillo
Hernan Vera
Deborah Zimmerman

Filmed in Mexico City

El General is a co-production of Altamura Films and the Independent
Television Service (ITVS) in association with Latino Public Broadcasting
(LPB), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
(CPB), and American Documentary | POV

ALTAMURA FILMS - copyright 2009