Election Day

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Film Update

Election Day premiered at the South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas on March 10, 2007. To celebrate the world premiere, friends of the late composer and musician Blaze Foley gave a special performance of the film's closing song from the film at Ruta Maya.

Election Day: Buzz Deters

Buzz Deters and his family continue to give each other boxes of leftover campaign pencils as joke gifts for Christmas each year. Buzz's brother Joe is running unopposed in the 2008 election for Hamilton County prosecutor.

Election Day: Jason Drapeaux

Jason Drapeaux currently works as a probation officer for domestic violence offenders at Cangleska, an independent advocacy organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation chartered by the Oglala Sioux tribe.

Election Day: Franny Fisher

Franny Fisher is a senior in college in Oakland, Calif. Her family continues to make pizzas on Tuesday nights in Stockholm, Wis.

Election Day: Jim Fuchs

Jim Fuchs is currently continuing to build his 44th Ward GOP organization, focusing on preparation for the November election. He's also looking forward to attending the Republican National Convention in St. Paul later this summer as a delegate for Senator John McCain.

Election Day Update: Brenda Holt

In 2006, Brenda Holt became the first African-American woman to serve as Chair of the Gadsden County Commission. She will be up for re- election in 2010. In anticipation of the '08 election, Brenda has already started reaching out to local churches where she talks about voting rights with the people of Quincy. "Nothing is a given," she said.

Election Day: Shanta Martin

Shanta Martin works for Oxfam Australia as an advocate for human rights in international development.

Election Day: Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib ran for state representative for the 12th District of Michigan in southwest Detroit, and won!

Election Day: Morris Young

After a successful first term as sheriff of Gadsden County, Morris Young is running unopposed for sheriff in the 2008 election.

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