Election Day

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Expert Roundtable: Changing the System


Eric Marshall

electionday_marshall.jpg"If I had to pick one reform to improve the accuracy of, access to, and efficiency of the election system in this country it would be a national Election Day Registration law. Election Day Registration, also known as 'same-day registration,' allows eligible voters to register and cast a ballot on Election Day."
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Spencer Overton

electionday_overton.jpg"According to a study by Demos, average voter turnout in Election Day registration states is 10-12 percent higher than other states. Of the five states with the highest rates of voter participation in the 2004 presidential election, four were Election Day Registration states."
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Renée Paradis

electionday_paradis.jpg"I would fix our system of voter registration. America is one of the few industrialized democracies that places the onus of registration on the voter. Elsewhere, it's the government that's responsible for building electoral rolls, whether by going door to door or using existing lists."

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Robert Pastor

electionday_pastor.jpg"There are so many problems with America's electoral system that it is not easy to know exactly where to begin, but if I had only one choice, I would recommend that all of the states establish a non-partisan, independent, and professional election commission..."
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Rosemary Rodriguez

electionday_rodriguez.jpg"The most crucial need we have throughout the nation has always been more poll workers, the backbone of American elections. This November, with voter turnout predicted to be at an all-time high, the need for poll workers is more crucial than ever. "
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